werewolf expert describes werewolves

The werewolf expert in the video claims that in transformed form, the werewolf would look like a “rampaging beast” a “hideous wolf larger than life”. While some of her descriptions of the werewolf are clearly not accurate, she does seem to have reverence for the power of the werewolf.



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21 Responses

  1. Whitetip says:

    Who are they to know… *spits and walks away*

  2. A Real Werewolf says:

    i want to punch these people

  3. There is no need to to get upset after all these are all just perceptions of the old human ways

  4. A Real Werewolf says:

    good point

  5. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    i changed my name it was A Real Werewolf

  6. jay says:

    Lol I’m indiffrent everyone is entitled to there own opion i guess no matter how one sided

  7. shadow says:

    lol. humans

  8. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    actually this works in my favor now that i think about it they will never suspect my wolf form so these humans just made my life easier hahaha stupid humans

  9. Arisu says:

    Hey I’m writing a story about a young girl who is a werewolf tha works with humans that know her true i.d.

    (Yes it may seem childish but once I got enough cash I’m gonna publish it.)

  10. Cat says:

    Iv watched that episode on Animal Planet, its actually a good show. LIke Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, and of course The Haunted. This episode though, I never saw the end coming 😛

  11. shadowwolf says:

    oki his a good question, are werewolfs actually real?

  12. Lycanhope says:

    Man, it’s been ages since I visited here.
    A lot of this is “Well duh!” information, mixed in with bs guesses.
    “Absolutely devours a human”, well duh! Wolves in the wild try not to waste any food on kills because they have no idea how long till the next meal, so why would that differ in werewolves?
    “Human intelligence and wolf intelligence”, fair, that is pretty cool. But it’s not all good. Wolf in human form? No idea how to behave amongst people, trust me, it gets annoying.
    “Hideous wolf, probably larger than life”, finally! A sensible person! Werewolves would look like wolves, hybrids have many structural flaws that would lead to inefficient function if any function at all. The size of the wolf would depend on the size of the person, as all matter for the wolf body has to come from the human body, so the size difference would be minimal.
    All in all, she was reasonably well informed.

  13. Gold says:

    Lycanhope: Good info it’s all true

  14. Lycanhope says:

    I know it’s true, it’s basic logic, any halfwit could find this out with a little searching on google.
    Expanding on the “rampaging beast” though, that’s rather racist (/speciesist/stereotyped, don’t know what the right word will be). Beasts can’t rampage, they just do what they’re meant to do, there’s no malice involved. If a wolf eats a person (unlikely, but if starving it can happen), it’s purely for survival. There are a lot of misconceptions about wolves, this is only one example.
    That along with the enhanced strength and speed she mentions (incorrect btw) makes me wonder where the hell they get these so-called experts.
    Way to be almost entirely wrong Miss not-so-expert.

  15. Gold says:

    Fare enough.

  16. Brooke says:

    I need to know what type of werewolf I am. Well let’s start with basics:
    I LOVE meat (not just saying that)
    I heal instantly.
    I feel like shifting when the moon hits my skin, but I don’t
    I can shift whenever
    I don’t know any other werewolves (other then me)
    I can breathe under water.
    I growl when I get mad
    I stay in a room pitch black with only 1 candle
    My eyes change color any color really
    That’s it! I would love a reply asap! I need to know which kind I am.

  17. Brooke your a poser breathing in water and healing instantly. also eyes changeing colour.

  18. Jadyn says:

    Hi, my name is Jadyn but I prefer to be called Adolpha. It means ‘noble wolf’. Anyway, I have never really tried any rituals or spells to become a werewolf, but recently… I’ve been kinda different. A) I crave adventure, and exploration. I want to run free in the woods and live there for a while. B) My temper has become very hard to control. I keep losing patience and snapping at people. C) I HATE people. HATE THEM. Ask my friends, I’m always ranting about how humans don’t deserve to roam the Earth. D) I can sense other people. For example, I was practicing a presentation in my Dad’s office. The door was closed, and it’s a very thick door, so nobody would hear me outside. I was talking, and I felt someone behind me. I was standing in front of the door. I turned, opened the door, and my Dad had been standing there trying to listen. What does this mean?

  19. Marney says:

    remeber these are human traits to. What is your age? if young enough it could also be Puberty. But most of those traits are just normal human traits.

  20. Samantha Talbert says:

    I am a born werewolf though the wolves I have met we rather be called moonshifters or just wolves I am 16 and a female alpha…. let me explain I am the girlfriend of the male alpha anyway…. I have started exsperanceing weird things I have been shifting involuntarily and I only see glimpses of where I go believe it or not my eyes has started to glow being a born wolf is hard but I have human friends that will help me no matter what and when I get older I am going to go with the alpha male you can talk to me more about this through gmail

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