Werewolf fact or fiction: werewolf senses

Werewolves see in black and white – fact or fiction?

I believe this is FICTION. Werewolves see in color. Also, werewolf vision is relatively poor because their eyeballs are shaped like those of wolves. This means that a depression in the back of the werewolf eyeball prohibits them from seeing great distances…in other words, they are slightly near-sighted.
As for the other senses, the werewolf sense of smell is much stronger than that of a human…approximately 50 times stronger than a human (wolves sense of smell is 100 times stronger than humans, therefore werewolves – part human / part wolf are only half of that…50.) This explains how they have an uncanny ability to find prey in the dark. The sense of smell is the strongest of the werewolf senses.

Werewolf hearing is much better than those of humans. They can hear higher pitched noises than humans hear. One interesting similarity however with werewolf hearing and human hearing is that werewolf ears are positioned on the sides of the head, similar to humans, and their ears cannot rotate the way wolves or dogs ears rotate, they must turn their heads to pinpoint a sound. This means that werewolves have a fairly difficult time locating the exact location of a sound. They are about as good as humans at it, but not as good as other animals.

More werewolf fact or fiction can be found here.



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109 Responses

  1. tara kinney...; ) says:

    @sorath “rayne” coraxo: Up higher on the chat thing there’s ppl saying they just started changeing or just found out they’re werewolves..well whats that aboot if u have to be born one?& how would u know if ppl can get bit & become a werewolf or not? i’ll have u know everything i said is ture!

  2. @ Lunar: I had to learn that the hard way….

    @TrueDarkness: This would be a very interesting journey with a positive outcome, I can see it. I would love to see her follow her spirituality a bit more than she has. She had a run in with a Vampire who sealed her memories and has slowly been getting them back. It hurts me to watch her live a mundane life while I excel spiritually.

    @tara kinney…: ): Plain and simple the one’s here who claim to have been bitten are full of it. They’ve got their heads so far up their bums that if they saw daylight they would scream and think they are vampires. The way it normally goes for Awakened Wolven, is they have a feeling they have been different their entire lives and don’t know why. Then as they progress through puberty they begin feeling different changes within them other than normal once born feelings. They might get heightened senses, or a taste for blood/rare meat, or an urge to howl.
    I wont say I am sorry, because I am not. But if you seek answers, with a story like that, you wont get them here. Like I suggested earlier, you could get them at a Twilight Jacob Black fan base. Or an RPG site. Pick your poison.

  3. Lunar says:

    @Tara kinney…;):
    I have to agree with Sorath that bitten to become a werewolf is a myth only. That myth was started by Hollywood. Do the research and find when it started and see for yourself. It made movies sell better to see someone bit and becoming a ravenous beast with the soul intent on killing. Like most things in hollywood, it was done for the sole purpose of higher box office rates and better sells. From there it made its way to books. You can’t believe everything portrayed on that man created fun box nor everything you read. It is possible to be born one and not know until you have begun to awaken. However, run out and get bit and you will either die or if you manage to get away.. be seriously injurred. You won’t contract anyh “virus” that will make you a werewolf.

    @Sorath “Rayne” Coraxo:
    As always you have an excellent writing response which is enjoyable to read. As for the learning.. I think that is something we all learn the hard way. No lesson comes easy in life. I would like to consult with you more on the other. I will document it and share it with you as soon as I get the chance.

  4. Lunar says:

    Comment is waiting moderation and I can’t figure why. Hopefully it will go through

  5. Aconissa says:

    This is a very interesting assessment of a werewolf’s senses. I read a book about werewolves, and when the person turned, they could see really well, and I thought that because wolves see in black and white this was not possible… its good to understand now.

  6. @Aconissa: I am pretty sure that wild wolves (natural wolves) see in color, but only certain colors, such as the primary colors. But I could be wrong.

  7. Aconissa says:

    @Sorath: Primary colours? So a primitive from of sight? That is actually very interesting. I did not know that

  8. Aconissa says:

    @Sorath: well, its interesting anyway

  9. Lunar says:

    It’s still pending?! Wth?!

  10. jack says:

    Sorath do werewolves really change? if so do u have to change if u r 1? can u be 1 if u’ve never changed? i read what u said 2 tara &it was like a hard slap in the face? i’ve always felt different,i haven’t been able to stand meat any better cooked than rare since i was about 14. & i’ve always loved to howl. idk,…i always thought i was just weird. another weird thing is i’ve always had a much easyer time being around & bounding 2 dogs. maybe i am just weird or retarded or something idk… what do u think?

  11. TrueDarkness says:

    @Sorath: you can do nothing to help here? i find that slightly interesting and a back track from what we have previously discussed a night ago.

  12. Storm says:

    I am way behind…

  13. Lunar says:

    Wow! It finally went through!!!! lol!!!

  14. @jack: it’s possible for one to be kin and not know it. Generally, one is not awakened until they hit anywhere from 14 to 16, and I have been seeing them getting younger these days. You’re going to have to be a bit more specific though. Honestly, in the end, the only one who can tell you if you are kin or not is yourself.

    @TrueDarkness: What? You aren’t calling me out are you?

  15. Wow, just because I am absent for one night, means that I can’t help? I find that slightly arrogant. Don’t presume to judge me.

  16. Aconissa says:

    @ Sorath: What is it like when you awaken? What happens? How do you know you’ve really awakened?

  17. @Aconissa: Basically, you feel like you finally fit in, like the world is somehow renewed. Nothing significant really happens, but you feel like a new person.
    Only you can tell you if you have been awakened, and trust me, you will know.

  18. Lunar says:

    It’s almost like finding the piece to a puzzle that has been missing for so long that you almost can’t believe the one you found fit, though somehow you also know it fits.

  19. Lunar says:

    I think I worded that right..

  20. Aconissa says:

    @ Sorath & Lunar: Sounds like a really nice thing to happen to you… an important part of your being. I hope it happens to me one day…

  21. Storm says:

    I truly believe Aconissa to be a wolf not yet awakened, but that is the feel I get from her during our chats.

  22. Aconissa says:

    @Storm: That’s really good news! Thank you!

  23. Lee ann says:

    Idk why your asking zorath… He’s not the all seeing eye or anything crazy like that… He doesn’t know how to answer every single question u Have. Just saying.

  24. Storm says:

    @Lee ann: Didn’t you have a gravatar?

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