Werewolf fact: Werewolves are evil, soul unknown

Dear werewolf 967,

OK, I will agree that if a werewolf is evil, then he is under the influence of the devil or one of the devil’s henchmen…(since the devil is of course also evil).  And I will also agree that if a werewolf is evil, then the fact is that he is in no way good for humans…which is why we’re always trying to kill them with silver bullets.

So, I won’t dig out werewolf stories or werewolf novels or even werewolf movies as reference, I’ll just tell you what I believe…I believe that if I came face-to-face with a real werewolf and looked in his eyes, he’d probably tear me to pieces – with no mercy. I wouldn’t have enough time to see if he had a soul or not. But, this does not mean that the werewolf has no soul!!  When the werewolf transformed, he was infected by the werewolf virus  or disease (we agree on that part at least), the full moon came out and conflicted with the virus to cause the werewolf transformation (we agree on that)….and then he went from basic human instinct to animal instinct. But the transformation gave him a “rabid-dog” animal instinct-type mentality.  So, your question is could I look into the eyes of a rabid dog and still see his soul? (and you say this would be about equal to if a werewolf has a soul).  Well, my answer is there is not time to decide because you’ll be torn apart to pieces! By either rabid dog or the transformed werewolf!

So in summary, perhaps we can agree that we will never know if a werewolf has a soul (or if a rabid dog has one for that matter either).  Not unless we ourselves transformed into werewolves would we know….and we can also agree on this werewolf fact: being torn apart while you’re still alive is an act of evil…and there is no doubt that a werewolf will tear you apart.  So, we can say that werewolves are evil, OK.  And, as you say, evil is ultimately commanded by the devil. OK. But I don’t think we’ll know if he has a soul or not! And my next question would be…assumming a werewolf is evil…is a non-transformed werewolf evil? (in other words, a werewolf in his human form?)  That doesn’t really have much to do with the werewolf transformation itself, but while we’re talking about werewolf facts, we might as well review that too!



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118 Responses

  1. Lunar says:

    And gee me and aconissa gave each other compliments damn, its a sin and a shame to simply be respectful and nice to someone who deserves it. Imagine that, who knew?

  2. Lunar says:

    Btw, you’re math is inaccuarate. Look up and redo your math. -_- if you must falsely accuse me please at least do your math correctly.

  3. Casey Anderson says:

    What about the movie ” The Boy Who Cried WereWolf” Starring Victoria Justice they say that some werewolves are good, and some are not. Here is a question that i want you to answer personally. If werewolves are evil , why are they enemies with vampires if they both are really evil why fight each other?

  4. Greyr says:

    lol now this is fun… seeing people talk like their dyin lol XD

  5. sorriel says:

    i have a soul….i just dont fully understand it. or why i am the person or “thing” i am….any way i found this chant i dont think it’s safe to say the chant or do the ritual on a full moon….but here it is…anyone who knows about it please explain it to me…i think i get it but i’m not exactly sure…..

    the begining of the chant….i “found”….

    “Hail, hail, hail, great Wolf Spirit, hail
    A boon I ask thee, mighty shade,
    Within this circle I have made.
    Make me a werewolf strong and bold,
    The terror alike of young and old.”

    Thus begins an ancient incantation. The lycanthropic literature of the past is filled with such eerie chants.

    and another….these the dieing words of a woman who many belived insaine because she said she was a werewolf……

    “I am a wolf of the night, I am a woman of the day……. I have claws, teeth, fangs, hair………and anguish is my prey at night………powerless is my cause. I am what I am and will always roam the earth after death……….I will continue to search for perfection and salvation.”

  6. Lee Ann says:

    Everyone has a soul.

  7. Pack 582 says:

    Weres like some, if not all, of us can have a soul and some can’t. The latter are called Hellhounds and can be brought into (and out of) this plane of existence, where the soul-carrying ones will pass almost freely in between the planes. I am in a pack led by a close friend of mine that takes the summoning and destruction of Hellhounds importantly. I will soon have a website that compiles true information. Yes we are secretive and we also take loyalty and trust as importantly as where we hunt.

  8. lonewolf123 says:


  9. Shadow Hunter says:

    Hehe. Hellhounds. Lolz.

  10. Pack 582 says:

    @lycanhope: Wow, your actually right. These people keep the existence of us snuffed.

  11. lycanhope says:

    What do you mean?

  12. yrael says:

    i ve read all of your comments and all i want to know is how to be a werewolf

  13. O Wildish says:

    I don’t think Werewolves are truly evil as a whole, being good of evil is a matter of choice also there’s a difference if that choice is taken from you and you are forced to do evil and actually being evil, has anyone ever noticed that usually good characters in fiction that end up being forced to do evil rather than evil characters being force to act good, which is much rairer unless it’s for comic effect (Though there’s potential there for a shock twist as a well loved character who was a jolly and kind hearted creature, who helps the good guys, suddenly the magic that bounds him or her fails revealing his or her’s true evil nature…and all hell breaks lose for our heros)

  14. ILiekPizza says:

    Only ginger werewolves have no soul. So if you plan to keep yours, stay away from the red ones.

    Second if you actually KNEW a werewolf you would find them to be quite friendly and protective.

  15. August 2012 says:

    Being a werewolf is pretty much giving your soul to Satan you go to hell no matter what

  16. wolfpup53 says:

    werewolves are cool even if they are evil

  17. Soul Tepes says:

    @wolfpup53 & August 2012: Who gives you the right to say that a lycanthrope has no soul. Everything has a soul. Evil can be mistconstrued as anything. Just because you dnt turn furry or have fangs and drink blood doesn’t give you any say in who is evil or good. Killing is considered evil but would you not kill someone to protect your family or loved ones. does that make you not have a soul.

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