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The werewolf is frequently stereotyped to an image that the creature may or may not be, but some of these werewolf characteristics or stories may stem from histories that were actually true.

There is probably no absolute way to tell if the werewolf “myths” are actual fact or not, all we have are stories that are passed down over generations. These stories are often called on to be facts, but without some sort of verification we really have no absolute way to tell if they are fact or myth.

This is a list of the “stereotyped werewolf facts,” you be the judge and determine what is real, and what is just a myth. Each supposed “werewolf fact” is linked to our view on the topic, are they werewolf facts or really myths?

How to transform into a werewolf or how to become a werewolf:

  • By drinking from the footprint or track of a real wolf.
  • By being cursed, possesed or having a spell put upon the self that will create the werewolf.
  • By being bitten by another werewolf.
  • By using a special belt, one can transform.
  • By eating a wolf’s brains one can become a werewolf.
  • By making an agreement of pact with evil, or the devil, you can become a lycan.
  • By being born a werewolf.
  • By being clinically ill with the mental disorder Lycanthropy.

How to kill the werewolf or cure a werewolf:

  • By using silver bullets against the wolf.
  • By using Holy Water to ward off the wolf.
  • By Using a cross to stop the werewolf.
  • By reversing the curse of the lycan.
  • By using wolfsbane against the cursed.
  • By conducting an exorcism on the werewolf.

Although this is not a complete list of werewolf facts, it is an introduction to the myths about werewolves. Many of the ideas do have written accounts of possible evidence or they might just be stories, we will probably never know for certain if any of these were or are real facts about werewolves.



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433 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    My sister made homemade biscuits!!!! :p

  2. A. says:

    @Lycanhope: thanks. And yes I did mean regular hunters!

  3. Gabriel says:

    So, even though I’m not a werewolf specifically, I will most likely die 12 to 15 years after I shift? Because that gives me until 27 or 30 to accomplish all of my life goals.

  4. A. says:

    @Gabriel: bears are an entirely different species to the wolf. Therefore the transformation would be entirely different due to genetics. Although, I must say I have never heard of any other kind of ‘wereanimal’ in existence and as you are using the term ‘werebear’, which would offend any shifter suffering from lycanthropy, I can only assume you are either brand new or a fake (the ‘were animal chat forum on this site adding to my point…)

  5. Gabriel says:

    @A.: I beleive your the new one here, as where I have been here for a year. And in any case we’ve established there is nearly a were-everything. And also lycanthropy is a mental illness that’s why I prefer calling something a were-creature. If you like the other than that’s fine by me but I’d prefer you not call me a fake. Also you said “according to chat” I don’t recall saying something to far from your terms in there unless it was uneducated.

  6. Maddie says:

    @A.: Hi I think we’ve had a chat on a few other sites! Your theories are great I like the ones about vampires and physic vampires the most! 🙂 i was wandering if you had any theories or ideas about how a human body can transform into a wolf?!?! Thanks,
    Maddie x

  7. Gabriel says:

    @Maddie: I can answer that. Now while idk what causes it iv’e decided that the body simply gains, and loses, cells. Food we eat is turned into proteins, acids, etc. which is later made into cells if necessary. For things such as a tail, more cells are made, for other things such as changing back, cells are killed.

  8. Maddie says:

    @Gabriel: I guess that is a possibility… :/ but how could you order your cells to p-shift back and forth? :/

  9. A. says:

    @Maddie: Hi Maddie. Are you Madeleine V. R? I’m sorry but that is about the only maddie I can think of at this moment. Glad to hear you liked my other theories, the physic vampire is one of my favourites too! If you’ve read my other theories you will have heard of the third eye? (A point of physic access) the best guess I can make is that by using a physic push you would be able to control the chemicals released into your body. Although, I’m afraid I have not yet carried out enough experiments to conclude a rational explanation. And creating enough cells in a short period of time to produce and then decompose of new muscles and limbs would take weeks if not months.

  10. Gabriel says:

    @A.: Ok then that was the only theory i could support, now care to explain yours? How else would someone shift, magic maybe?

  11. Gabriel says:

    @A.: Strange how you went back far enough to see what i was yet to not see mine and the others theories on were-creatures, and also our opinion on names… I’m not trying to demean you to make me seem higher, i’m sure it was just an oversight, otherwise i find you a very educated person unlike some others on here… they mostly leave before long though.

  12. Lycanhope says:

    @A.: Urg, you’re making me flip between thinking you’re sensible, thinking you’re an idiot, and back again. So confusing.

  13. A. says:

    @Gabriel: what I mean is there are other factors you would have to consider. Such as what speeds up the process? Lizards can regrow their limbs so is there something about mixing an animal and a human to create the same effect? I think that your theory is a possibility but there are some things which don’t make much sense.

  14. Gabriel says:

    @A.: But you just restated what I said with on possible fact added.

  15. byamukama michael says:

    kyla they do exist if u really want to see one go to greece n then wait for the full moon thts wen its power is at its peak rememba thy dnt spare any prey they come across , warewolves arte real n they exist just lik the vampires

  16. Gabriel says:

    @byamukama michael: yes well while they do exist your ideals on them are off. They aren’t mindless beasts forced to transform during a full moon, they are… Humans+

  17. Nicolas says:

    Excellent way of describing, and nice article to get
    information about my presentation focus, which i am gping to convey in institution of higyher education.

  18. bob nuclear says:

    crosses stop vampires you idiot but thanks anyway

  19. bob nuclear says:

    crosses stop vampires you idiot but thanks for trying

  20. Eric says:

    Love those details

  21. samir says:

    They were kind of good facts but not great

  22. samir says:

    I am going to be writing about them in literacy

  23. AmouraLycan says:

    This is a ton of good information! It’s mostly all true as well. I should know because I’m an actual werewolf. In fact, I’m a lycan

  24. yeetusdeletus15 says:

    what is this site i just came here for research

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