werewolf facts

The werewolf is frequently stereotyped to an image that the creature may or may not be, but some of these werewolf characteristics or stories may stem from histories that were actually true.

There is probably no absolute way to tell if the werewolf “myths” are actual fact or not, all we have are stories that are passed down over generations. These stories are often called on to be facts, but without some sort of verification we really have no absolute way to tell if they are fact or myth.

This is a list of the “stereotyped werewolf facts,” you be the judge and determine what is real, and what is just a myth. Each supposed “werewolf fact” is linked to our view on the topic, are they werewolf facts or really myths?

How to transform into a werewolf or how to become a werewolf:

  • By drinking from the footprint or track of a real wolf.
  • By being cursed, possesed or having a spell put upon the self that will create the werewolf.
  • By being bitten by another werewolf.
  • By using a special belt, one can transform.
  • By eating a wolf’s brains one can become a werewolf.
  • By making an agreement of pact with evil, or the devil, you can become a lycan.
  • By being born a werewolf.
  • By being clinically ill with the mental disorder Lycanthropy.

How to kill the werewolf or cure a werewolf:

  • By using silver bullets against the wolf.
  • By using Holy Water to ward off the wolf.
  • By Using a cross to stop the werewolf.
  • By reversing the curse of the lycan.
  • By using wolfsbane against the cursed.
  • By conducting an exorcism on the werewolf.

Although this is not a complete list of werewolf facts, it is an introduction to the myths about werewolves. Many of the ideas do have written accounts of possible evidence or they might just be stories, we will probably never know for certain if any of these were or are real facts about werewolves.



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433 Responses

  1. nightwolf says:

    @mary: no it bounced back and almost hit me

  2. Brandon says:

    When i turn, i my mind always cancels it. It must mean my body isn’t used to Full body pain or whatever, i just need some time to practice. And maybe i’ll be able to be one of you 🙂

  3. gabster says:

    @Brandon: im gonna turn right know and go to your houses

  4. Im the alpha of my pack.

  5. Connor says:

    I’m the alpha of my pack to

  6. Connor says:

    Have any if you guys seen a wolfie blackheart video

  7. Connor says:

    Who here is under 12

  8. Lycanhope says:

    @Connor: This isn’t a game, maybe you have the wrong site. If you want, I can direct you to somewhere where you can roleplay to your hearts’ content.

  9. Jackie says:

    @Lycanhope: I don’t think he is lying (about somethings)…I think he is just young. The one thing I don’t agree about is how he said that he is the leader (alpha) of his pack. Usually the alphas are older (16+) cause there is no way that I could be an alpha and I’m 14

  10. Lycanhope says:

    @Jackie: Considering he’s gone from “I don’t remember what happened after I turned” to “I think I’ve turned” to “when I turn” (indicating multiple turnings), and “I can’t remember if I have a pack” to “I’m the Alpha of my pack” in the space of two pages? Yeah no, these are rookie mistakes, I know them when I see them.
    That and the fact that nothing he is describing is anything that actually happens to the best of my knowledge.
    It’s nice of you to stick up for the kid because he’s young, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is very obviously purposeful, so I’m nicely letting him know that there are more suitable places for it.

  11. Marines says:

    I want to turn into a werewolf but I’m afraid. I don’t even know if they really do exist or not. If they did, I sure would like to become a werewolf & have a different life experience other than my normal boring life.

  12. Lycanhope says:

    @Marines: Well, you’re out of luck. Sorry.

  13. SpecialBundle says:

    OHHHHHHH I sooooo want to be a werewolf!!! 🙁

  14. Lycanhope says:

    @SpecialBundle: Why?

  15. brielle says:

    i love were wolfs and im 1 lol do you love were wolfs?

  16. brielle says:

    me to do you love were wolfs or vampires?

  17. Mary says:

    Hi. uh if you haven’t been on the site before. welcome. i am so akward with new people

  18. Mary says:

    I have learned to love both. since my partner is a vampire. and i am a werewolf btw.

  19. Kayla says:

    I’m quite sure all of the true wolves out there are tired of people being wannabe’s. I have a few questions I would like to ask a real one. I do believe you are out there, just like ghosts and demons are there, they have messed with me before. If someone would email me, I would be utmost grateful. I’m not talking about measly questions such as “I want to become a werewolf, how do I do it?”. I have wondered about things and I’ve never had anyone to answer my questions, some are rather serious and I’d like to answer them privately. Someone answer back and I’ll gratefully give you my email address.

  20. Lycanhope says:

    @Kayla: I think I’m in love. I don’t think I’ve seen someone like you since Astute Newt, which is a shame.
    Feel free to ask away, however giving out your email address on a public blog is probably a bad idea.

  21. mystery says:

    there are many. most every creature is real. i am one of the many creatures. but rymes i like best. well meat and fire too. but rymes are fun.

  22. Abbhie says:

    I’m new in this site, but i’m interested about werewolf, i want to meet one if THEY REALLY EXIST, i want to see them,omg im so oblivious on this. Can someone give a bit of information and give at least a proof if they are real or not. THANK YOU. I will appreciate your reply. 🙂

  23. Gabriel says:

    @Abbhie: hope your still on. Well the werewolf is only a specific creature out of the all of the others (there is a were everything basically) the were-creature does not get forced transformations related to moon cycles although in some cases the persons animal may attempt a force transformation although this is rarer than mostly thought. The were-creature is a normal person who sort of… It’s hard to explain, it’s like the person is themselves +the animal. The person can sort of change their mind set using the M(mental) shift method. This is much easier than the P(physical) shift which is definitely not done as common. This is basic knowledge compared to all even I have gathered, I’d suggest hitting the games tab up top once and selecting chat, it’s where most of us talk most of the time. Btw I am not a werewolf specifically, actually a werebear (I know, silly cause it rhymes) Id refer to NightWolf, Mary, and lycanthrope for info on the werewolf specifically although I have yet to see a difference aside from symptoms and creature.

  24. A. says:

    First things first: crosses are believed to ward off vampires not “werewolves”.

    Now where do I begin?!

    “Werewolves” prefer the term ‘Lycanthropy’ rather than “werewolf” as ‘Lycanthropy’ is an actual mental illness of believing you are a wolf; whereas, ‘werewolf’ is a term used in films, books and makes them seem completely horrific creatures.

    So, many believe you can kill one of them by using a silver bullet. The truth is silver and normal bullets can kill one if their shot is fatal (just like shooting someone ‘normal’ in the heart with a silver bullet would most likely kill them).

    Using Holy Water to ward off the wolf is basically rubbish as well. Although it apparently has a very unique smell, or so I’ve heard.

    Another thing to note is that reversing the curse of the lycaon is not possible. Once you have changed, you cannot be changed back. However, there have been rumours during the last few years which suggest by removing all effected blood cells, whilst still changing, you can remain more of yourself. On the other hand, you could also loose a sense of sight, taste, smell or movement (death). So, I doubt many will be trying this!

    To be perfectly honest I’ve never encountered any stories of wolfs bane against the changed so I doubt it’s important.

    Facts you should know:
    . The term ‘Lycanthropy’ came from the Greek myth of ‘Lycaon: King of Arcadia’.
    . Most werewolves die young (from 12 to 15 years after their transformation). However, there are a small number who are not affected by this.
    . We call the transition from human to an actual wolf (yes there is hardly ever an in-between state after a few months) ‘Shifting’.
    . Once shifted into wolf form, they hunt on animals such as deer, rabbits and other insignificant creatures.
    . They don’t have to change on a full moon; however, it has been tradition for many centuries.
    . Shifting is a very hard process, which requires a large amount of endurance and energy.
    . Shifting at night means there are less people around to see and not as many hunters.
    . Having ‘Lycanthropy’ is especially hard during puberty as there are changes happening to both ‘sides’.

    Lastly, starving the wolf means starving yourself, they must eat during both forms or they will become seriously ill.

    If you have any questions or queries please ask and I may be able to help.

  25. Lycanhope says:

    @A.: Usually when I see a block of text, I prepare to shut down whatever idiocy the person is going to spout. But…I surprisingly have no issues with this. Well done.
    Apart from the mention of hunters, unless you just mean regular old hunters, then that makes sense.

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