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So, for those who know, I don’t normally make posts like this, one that promotes a movie about werewolves I don’t really believe in- the type of werewolf  that is… Yes, I believe that when in werewolf form werewolves are evil, but I don’t believe they transform in the way that the movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycan transforms them.

A transformation is more intimate than this, less vulgar, less monstrous ..

What are some opinions on the the new movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycan?

And for those who are looking for werewolf games. Go to the Underworld: Rise of the Lycan official website. You will find a few there. A werewolf game for all people who love werewolves… or here of course



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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5 Responses

  1. Argentus Lupus says:

    The movie looks decent.

  2. reece says:

    wot movie

  3. LuciusGrey says:

    Im realy going to see this movie with this girl in my pack named Sylvia

  4. marlen brown says:

    Impressed with the informative blog. Thanks

  5. Zina says:

    i saw it its rather, changing if u know what i mean. (not that kind of changing, i meant on your view of things)

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