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For some reason, I have never heard of werewolf games, but I did a search, and I found what looks like it might be the most fun game ever (werewolf or not) – and all you need are 7 or more people, and some bits of paper.

The game is called werewolf…it is a bluffing party game, and there are variants of it called mafia or vampire.  I want to play it right now! But unfortuantely I do not have a crowd of people.  Basically, you gather a crowd of people, and one person, the moderator, hands out cards to all players. The cards tell the people if they will be werewolves (there are 2 werewolves), a seer (there is only 1), or villagers.  Everyone sits in a circle and closes their eyes (because nighttime falls), and the werewolves and seer reveal themselves secretly to the moderator on at a time.  The werewolves point at someone to “kill”, then close their eyes again.  The seer opens his eyes and points at someone to find out from the moderator if he is a werewolf, then closes his eyes.  Daytime comes and the moderator has everyone open their eyes.

The moderator points at the person that the werewolves have killed, and that person is out of the game.  Then everyone else left  in the game picks someone to “lynch” for the werewolf killings, and that person is out of the game, but before he leaves he shows his card so everyone can see if they killed an innocent villager or a werewolf (or the seer!).  Night comes and the cycle repeats.  This is just a brief synopses of the werewolf game.



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84 Responses

  1. Shadow Hunter says:

    Wow. This kid is really annoying! You’re not a werewolf, kid. You can’t be turned by a bite and you can’t even spell werewolf right! I got one word that describes you….POSER. The hulk? Really?! Lmfao! xD How old are you! 6?! Most likely!

  2. Do I now you Jake?My name is Mackenzie and it looks like my name.

  3. Amaris says:

    Has anyone found a good online version of this game? I’ve bee looking FOREVER and can’t find one. =( And by the way, I changed my name one here from Emily to Amaris (Am-uh-reese, with stress on the “reese” part) because I finally came yp with a name for my wolf side. Just letting you guys know…

  4. madison says:

    i never done this before so i really don’t know what they got out there so you tell me!?

  5. fox says:

    you guy are so stupid none of you are werewolf’s and they are not even real

  6. Lycanhope says:

    @fox: Behold, the master of all knowledge. Because when one guy says something, it becomes absolutely legit.

  7. Mariah says:

    @jake: Lucky im very young and i don’t have anyone who also is a werewolf/Vampire

  8. Mariah says:

    @fox: Get The HELL OF THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. LONEWOLF says:

    i wish i was a werewolf as nice as i can be but i cant cuz my life is not ONE AND I REALLY WANT TO BE A WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. LONEWOLF says:


  11. TalaWolf says:

    Im a Noble she-wolf My pack is complicated no speak of in who which is in my pack besides ShadowMoon
    oh yes he’s VERY (not) respective to me Pack alpha
    if anyone wanna speak lets talk

  12. woof XD making fun of my kind

  13. I’ve quit packs my whole wolf life after I found out and made myself full blooded

  14. @LONEWOLF: hey um I know a bit just to much to say but not type I type fast and a lot most the time I can type
    2 days straight unless hungry 😛

  15. Lycanhope says:

    @ForestFire(Alpha): This is sad. This is very sad. I feel like I need popcorn for this.

  16. the kitsune says:

    Am I the only Justine on here ? Because I feel left out

  17. krysta says:

    only justine? i feel weird now.

  18. krysta says:

    I’ed rather risk my like naked in the forest instead of at home risking to do everything my parent’s tell me what to do. It’s so annoying!

  19. Lycanhope says:

    @krysta: See a therapist.

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