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For some reason, I have never heard of werewolf games, but I did a search, and I found what looks like it might be the most fun game ever (werewolf or not) – and all you need are 7 or more people, and some bits of paper.

The game is called werewolf…it is a bluffing party game, and there are variants of it called mafia or vampire.  I want to play it right now! But unfortuantely I do not have a crowd of people.  Basically, you gather a crowd of people, and one person, the moderator, hands out cards to all players. The cards tell the people if they will be werewolves (there are 2 werewolves), a seer (there is only 1), or villagers.  Everyone sits in a circle and closes their eyes (because nighttime falls), and the werewolves and seer reveal themselves secretly to the moderator on at a time.  The werewolves point at someone to “kill”, then close their eyes again.  The seer opens his eyes and points at someone to find out from the moderator if he is a werewolf, then closes his eyes.  Daytime comes and the moderator has everyone open their eyes.

The moderator points at the person that the werewolves have killed, and that person is out of the game.  Then everyone else left  in the game picks someone to “lynch” for the werewolf killings, and that person is out of the game, but before he leaves he shows his card so everyone can see if they killed an innocent villager or a werewolf (or the seer!).  Night comes and the cycle repeats.  This is just a brief synopses of the werewolf game.



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84 Responses

  1. lyciana says:

    hey can anyone tell me how to become werewolf? thx!

  2. @lyciana: Be born one, that’s about it.

  3. Tourniquet says:

    Im 11 year old girl, has her own pack, and i am alpha female, i change mostly on new moons and full ones, and i need somebody to talk to….

  4. preston says:

    @Tourniquet: wow that cool i am preston 13 and i have no pack and i am just a normal were so you have your own pack thats awsome i am alone here i know there is no werewloves here

  5. hm….it’s been along time I talked on here, I thought I would start up again. This a note to all the people that I used to talk to on a chat room, This isn’t gonna be easy, but after these 7-8 months of not talking, I am starting to miss you guys, and would like to say that I took these months to realize all the crap that was said from me was childish and I thought of coming here, but I disciplined myself for all the crap I had done, and I would like to apologize for the arguments, the senseless fighting, the drama. I also wanted to say, I would be honored if we started talking again.

    • Schetzer says:

      i think i know him but meh… whatever you did back before is forgiven afterall… this is life. that is if you trully learned what you must learn. that was confusing eh? what i meant is that you learned a lesson from a mistake you did and did make an apology for it. which means… you learned and grew. and i think that good enough for me. 🙂 lol dramatic much eh? lol nahh… just be yourself and you’ll get along quite nice and even find friends around this place XD

    • scratch that lol darn it i cant erase my comments… ill replace it with the word
      welcome back!

      and i think greyr should stay. XD

  6. Kelly (just is) says:

    Hahahaha taylor lautner’s shoe mate.

  7. schetzer, I don’t think I know you unless you went on a chat called wolfvoices.

  8. cori says:

    im bored i just looked up werewolf games and found this

  9. cori says:

    ahhhhh i ment to put cookie not cooke dang it

  10. cori says:

    ahhhhh i dont get this thing

  11. Crissy says:

    im sooooooooo stuck >:U

  12. Lycanhope says:

    Huh, I played a variation of this, i was awesom. People tried to kill me. Three times. In a row. Yea, I figured out my sister was the murderer fairly quickly after that, 😀

  13. Name says:

    i LOVEwerewolf

  14. Lee Ann says:

    I’m 15… O.O

  15. Lycanhope says:

    Really? I thought you were older, huh. Can we get a 16? We’re on a roll, don’t stop now!

  16. jake says:

    hi im the ledder of the warewolfs

  17. jake says:

    hahaha don’t mess with me or your not one anymore

  18. jake says:

    it was me all along srry guys jake is my brother ha i really am all of that i have a best friend mickenzie and she is a warewolf to ha ha ha ha ha

  19. I am soooo scared.Mess with me and I will shoot you.

  20. jenna says:

    it was me along srry guys jake is my brother ha i really am all of that i have a best friend mickenzie and she is a warewolf to ha ha ha ha ha

  21. Taylor Lautner Lover-I woulded go of about if i where you.Just think if he decides to do research and comes across you.He will be of this site faster than you can say “h*t”.

  22. doug says:

    Seriously people, i’ve been a warewolf all my lyfe! I got biten when i was born!

  23. doug says:

    werewolves suck, vampires suck too, zombies suck, and all other horror cretures, the hulk rules! YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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