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The Werewolf’s Guide To Life:

The werewolf book is new and hits shelves today, and I have to say, much like Buddy described– this book is a must have for all werewolves! Read on:

What is not expected is given:

Most people would judge this book before even giving it a chance. Most would claim this book to be just another “werewolf fact,” book or another “Hollywood” werewolf stereotype book. But the Werewolf Guide goes beyond all of this and takes a real life apporach to what it is like to be a werewolf. This real life approach is in fact taken seriously and this is proven at the introduction to the book:

“Read this First,” reads the books opening page.

The book then goes on to describe the top 10 tips you need to understand about The Guide, here I list a few of those 10 tips.

“1. Werewolves are real.”

“7. Hollywood horror movies are not to be used as guides to living with Lycanthropy. Their goal is not to educate, but to entertain…”

“10. You are not a monster.”

The 10 tips not only set the stage for the book, but also gives the werewolf some security of how the werewolf’s view will be taken. You will in fact be Guided.

The book will then take you through the “Basics” of what it means to be a werewolf, and what it is like. Maybe you don’t know what will happen to your body and appearance. Maybe you don’t know what will happen and when it will happen. The Guide explains it all, in detail, starting with the beginning.

But the beginning is not the end! The book will take you further into the werewolf’s life struggles. Some of the most important questions will be answered for the werewolf most of those questions being:

What will happen to me, and when will it happen?

And at times you will find detailed pictures and or diagrams that will visually explain so that there will be no misunderstanding of your imminent changes.

The werewolf Guide will touch upon as many topics as possible to help the werewolf with survival, and with life.

Note: This is not a children’s “picture book” but a 200+ page manual!

The Werewolf’s Guide To Life is just that, it is The Guide that any werewolf can use for a point of reference. If at any time a situation arises during your life as a werewolf this book should be one of the first resources for answers to any questions you may have… all werewolves should have this book.



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  1. me? says:

    oh yeah another one 1st^^

  2. llyons gf says:

    what exactly happens when you get bitten?

  3. me says:

    you die!!! ^^ just kidding ^^

  4. Whitetip says:

    Who needs a manual?! your instincts know what to do!

  5. onixe11 says:

    Wow, I’d like to have this. Or at least read it.

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