Being Human / Being werewolf

I agree with what werewolf967 says about werewolf tv – there’s not alot out there so when you find a good one, you’ve got to watch!, and this one – Being Human – actually looks pretty interesting! I’m not crazy about the way they say that the werewolf likes to be locked up during transformation so that he doesnt hurt anyone. Im just not too crazy about the way they portray the transformed werewolf as purely animalistic, when it’s not that way! We all know that during transformation a werewolf keeps his human intelligence, and with time can also learn to control his urges and instincts.



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165 Responses

  1. Draven Kindle says:

    H.A.T.E all HUMANS

  2. alpha female lone wolf says:

    U BETTER NOT BE *growls menacingly* HOLD IT! how did u know

  3. Draven Kindle says:

    I live next door, he was my best friend.

  4. Draven Kindle says:

    sorry *still is my best friend.

  5. alpha female lone wolf says:

    im srry 4 ur loss

  6. Draven Kindle says:

    he was on them for 3-4 years he wasnt the happiest guy. even if he was on this blog. then he was faking happiness.

  7. artic kitsune says:

    so srry didnt know luka but lone is so shocked it must be horrible for u 🙁

  8. Draven Kindle says:

    It is.

  9. Draven Kindle says:

    this was his last post:
    Some people always say your a freak because you are who you are. Here is my tip: Don’t care, Do what you like. No one controls you, except you, parents( -18), and teachers (-18). This is what I learned. Don’t ever be afraid to express who you are. That’s what makes our world so different and exciting. And never lie to people who are your friends

  10. alpha female lone wolf says:

    dang man…wow yah like my friend artic said im in shock

  11. Draven Kindle says:

    they said the pills will stop deppression.

    THEY LIED!!!!

  12. Draven Kindle says:

    one side effect: thoughts of suicide

    How about; actually committing suicide.

  13. alpha female lone wolf says:

    draven im so srry i wow man dang *shakes head*

  14. artic kitsune says:

    how many others have you told

  15. im one of the one he told

  16. artic kitsune says:

    hey its weresamoyed girl im really an artic kitsune awesome huh?

  17. alpha female lone wolf says:

    yah i helped her figure it out

  18. Draven Kindle says:

    found out I am a werepire.

  19. alpha female lone wolf says:

    werepire well now i know 2 so how r u 1

  20. Draven Kindle says:

    The one that bit me lied.
    said she was a full vampire.
    all thes years she knew.
    and she bit me anyways.

  21. artic kitsune says:

    this is lones friend i need 2 ask about luka aka joey

  22. artic kitsune says:

    i may have known him personally he could have been 1 of my bff

  23. I think he spelled his name Joey Bernard or somthing like tat

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