Being Human / Being werewolf

I agree with what werewolf967 says about werewolf tv – there’s not alot out there so when you find a good one, you’ve got to watch!, and this one – Being Human – actually looks pretty interesting! I’m not crazy about the way they say that the werewolf likes to be locked up during transformation so that he doesnt hurt anyone. Im just not too crazy about the way they portray the transformed werewolf as purely animalistic, when it’s not that way! We all know that during transformation a werewolf keeps his human intelligence, and with time can also learn to control his urges and instincts.



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165 Responses

  1. Luke Randall says:

    hello? need help. what am i turning into?

  2. Luke Randall says:

    I need help with this. I know I am a werewolf. I am my packs leader.

  3. Luke Randall says:

    has my pic changed?

  4. Luke Randall says:

    ok I see now.

  5. Luke Randall says:

    hello? help!!!

  6. i gess im the only one here

  7. Luke says:

    oh good a fox.
    maybe you can help me.

  8. Alpha Wolf Lexi says:

    hmm… it seems this place is a magnet for others to come for aid..

  9. Luke says:

    well this was the only sane site I could find.

  10. Luke says:

    everyone else is posting the false truth.

  11. Luke says:

    you there staff sargent foxx?

  12. Alpha Wolf Lexi says:

    someone is here.. there is always someone here

  13. Luke says:

    Do you have a messenger account?

  14. Alpha Wolf Lexi says:

    I have a yahoo…

  15. That’s it!!! I was lies too!!! Oni killed Sorrel!!! And Na knew!!! Omfg I am goons tear their heads off!!! Ack!!!!

  16. Luke says:

    hi alyssa. sorry to hear about your loss.

  17. sorry for leaving hate code alpha 9

  18. jakar says:

    i am so bored

  19. jakar says:

    thats strike three oni u mother [email protected]#$%^&* asswipe

  20. alpha female lone wolf says:

    umm r u still there jakar is any1 there

  21. Dark, man says:

    Luke, if u get this i can help yu a bit i think, and anyone else like you

  22. Luke says:

    Ok I dont know you and I dont need help.
    sorry, dude.

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