Werewolf Hunter in Washington

Earlier this week a man on Bainbridge Island – which is located near Seattle, Washington – was found waving a sword and claiming to be a werewolf hunter. The man was outside of the parking lot of a ProBuild hardware store.  He claimed he was “hunting werewolves and chuds”.  The man was taken in for evaluation.

This story is not good news for werewolves.  The Seattle community is likely already bubbling with the news and everyone is talking about werewolves in WashingtonWerewolves in the area need to be especially careful with their identity.

Who knows whether or not this man was a real werewolf hunter or not?  There is the possibility that it was a indeed a crazed man.  But there is also the possibility that he was a real werewolf hunter.  Yes, it is true that werewolf hunters typically maintain a low profile so as not to be identified by humans.  But it is possible that this was a real werewolf hunter that for some reason blew his cover…the most likely reason being that the werewolf got the better of the man and caused the man to lose his normal cool.  Or perhaps the werewolf terrorized the man to this point on purpose with the idea of putting him away for good!

Regardless of if the man was a real werewolf hunter or not, the fact remains that he has brought unwanted attention to werewolves in the Seattle Washington area.  Right now humans  in the area don’t believe in the story the werewolf hunter gave them but if there are any werewolves in the area that inadvertently reveal themselves the rumors as to the man’s supposed “craziness” could quickly turn into widespread panic at the possibility there are real werewolves in the area.

Werewolves in the Seattle area should maintain a low profile until this blows over – other real werewolf hunters could be watching the news and the area – also we don’t want rumors of a werewolf sighting to follow the capture of a (real or not!) werewolf hunter!



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  1. Derrick says:

    all i can do is laugh. this is just too funny

  2. CiCi says:

    Totally real.Also way do u think of vampires?

  3. Sandra says:

    Vampires r real I should know

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