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The werewolf is a  creature that has been around in the minds of humans for centuries… perhaps longer than the other well-known creature of legend – the vampire.

The Werewolf and Man


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Relationships between humans and animals dates back to the beginning of time, and time changes this relationship. Why has this relationship created such a strange twist in development – the werewolf?

For man to transform or shape-shift into  a wolf creature is considered an act of fiction; but what about in the past? Consider what we know today, that no human has ever been documented to physically shape-shift.

Folklore and superstition took to the wolf man or werewolf creature stories by storm turning the animals into a whirlwind of lore. Mythical beings, strange sightings, fairy tales, authors, and movie writers, and elaborate exaggerations one after another have piled up  forming the legend that we know today- the werewolf.

But for all this, and all the arguments you can make that the werewolf may simply be a creature of folklore and legend, there is one thing that must be considered – one thing that cannot be denied.  As time has progressed, and humans have advanced, the sightings and the legends persist. When something persists for so long, there is generally some truth to it.

Whether you want to believe it or not, one fact is without question…

Almost every culture has some knowledge of the werewolf.

Find out about the American Werewolf.

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  1. alex says:

    Hey Is anyone online ? Werewolf I wana talk to one

  2. alex says:

    @ zorath rayne wolf: do you have an x Box 360?so we can private chat

  3. Darcia says:

    Um- are werewolves ACTUALLY real, because my brother claims to be one and… Well here:
    Honestly I’m looking for answers and am frightened by my own story. I would greatly appreciate some guidence. Please. Help.

  4. sb99 says:

    (shigh) dont know how to spell vary good

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