Werewolf myths are just as common and as popular as the myths surrounding Vampires. It seems that the more werewolf movies that are made that the more stories and therefore myths develop about the werewolf that might not necessarily be true or fact. But even before the popular culture took hold of the “mythological creature,” the werewolf, the legend has been growing and growing as the origins of the animal fades.

Hollywood noticed the iconic character possibilities for the “monster” and took their magnifying glass to the situation. What they came up with, along with the writers of the world, is a creature that is extremely vicious. Moviegoers and readers alike took interest in the creature for these characteristics and the creators of the mythological werewolf image realized that popular culture was hooked.

However as time goes by the lines are becoming more and more blurred at what qualifies as being “werewolf,” are the werewolves “movie werewolves“? Or are they the werewolves written in mythology from centuries ago? It seems as though most have forgotten where the creatures roots belong and what the real myths about the werewolf really are. So we present to you a list of werewolf myths, some that may or may not be a myth but at some point in time has become to be known as a real characteristic about werewolves.

What are some of the more popular werewolf myths: