P shift method

The most widely known form of a wolf shapeshifting or transforming into a werewolf is the physical shift or “p shift”. P shifting although as wide known as it  may be to werewolves is actually the hardest and most rare method of shifting. The p shift not only takes an enormous amount of skill, knowledge, and commitment, it also takes an extreme amount of energy to all parts of the body to successfully fulfill the shift. Because of the combination of energy draining sources most will find that the p-shift is not easy and is more rare than werewolves think.

The following is written in an attempt to describe the imaginary actions and events of a physical transformation of a human to werewolf if it were able to be accomplished. However because of the rarity of the situation most information on the topic is speculative and fictitious, it should not be taken as fact. We in no way condone any attempts at the physical shift. Do no try this! This is merely an “if it could happen what would it be like” article.

This is the abridged version.

P shift

P-shifting is the most energy draining form of transforming and because of this it is important to for the physical body and mind to be in the right state of health to attain the shift. Healthy individuals have more strength and therefore can make it further into a metamorphosis. Timing is very important for the wolf shift and so it is likely that around the full moon is when the most positive energies surround the wolves life. These positive energies can be harnessed and used in support of the transformation. Daytime attempts and attempts in crowded atmospheres can be quite difficult without the proper skill level because of the distractions. Food is important too, it is said that some feel that attempts at shifting after a meal makes it easier on the body since it takes an enormous amount of strain on the body, for some it’s like running a mile non-stop if have never run mile. And so a healthy meal is suggested to give the body the proper resources to draw upon and use of for the transformation. Mental preparation is just as important. Mentally you must be a believer, a believer with no holdbacks, if you don’t believe you wont see. There must be a positive energies coming from the body, mind, and soul, without these positive energies the proper resources cannot be utilized in the process. If you are not at peace with who you are and what you can do it is likely that the p-shift will never happen.

The basic method of the physical shift begins with a state of meditation. You and your body must be is in a quiet atmosphere, in a relaxed area or location. At this location it is ideal that no other people are around, especially the non-believers. The location is very important as any interruptions will not allow for enough focus to draw any type of shifting, distractions must absolutely be at zero. Once the location is set and there are zero “man-made” noises begin your meditation. It is possible to conduct the p-shift while lying down but for the beginner or inexperienced the seated position is the easiest. Clear the mind of all thoughts slowly by taking each thought and wiping it clear of the mind. Many find that if there is a focus on breathing it is easier to clear the mind of rampant thoughts. This is probably the most the longest step as there must be an absolute “peacefulness” and positive energy emanating from the meditational state. This stage could take anywhere from minutes, to hours, depending on skill level.

After attaining the state of mediation it is time to begin the focus of the overall body, begin a check of each body part while still meditating. Become aware of the hand, foot, arm, and go down to each limb and become aware of the existence of it. You now must focusing rather than on each individual body part you must focus on all of them. The same way that you focused in on each limb and became aware of it’s existence it is time to focus in on each limb all at the same time and with this focus you will begin to feel a sensation coming from all of the body at the same time. It is said that the sensation can be a tingling sensation to a slight shaking, and at the same time the body feels as if it begins getting heavier. The combination of the weight and the tingling sensation is the point at which most cannot pass, most do not get skilled enough to make it any further.

You will know if you complete a full p-shift, but if you are not fully successful there are some signs that you might be close. The experience in tingling or trembling type of sensations is an indicator that attempts are close but not quite ready yet. Along with these sensations a changing in color of the skin sometimes can be noticed, however slight it might be. While on the verge and break through of the p-shift hallucinations are likely to happen, if you can get this far be aware that this state of “hallucination” must be passed before moving on but will not last long at all. This is the spiritual approval of the process of your journey to get to the other side of these hallucinations while attempting a p-shift is considered an approval of the energies at work. Although some do not have these experiences others do have them to different degrees, more or less they are a distraction from your real goal which is the p-shift, if you are allowed to be distracted and approve of the hallucinations you might enter the m-state rather than the p-state. Thus believing is key to the process.