Werewolf Jokes – Part 2!

werewolf jokesStart your day with a few laughs! Here are 10 werewolf jokes that should at least make you smile! 🙂 Want more?  You can find more werewolf jokes here!

Why was the werewolf arrested in the butchers shop?
He was chop-lifting!

What did the vampire say to the werewolf?
Get a haircut!

What to werewolves call joggers?
Fast food!

What happened to the wolf who fell into the washing machine?
He became a wash and “wear”-wolf!

Why are werewolves good writers?
Because they have always have a “tail” to tell!

When the werewolf turned human, why did he head for the gym?
He was out of shape!

What’s worse than giving a vampire garlic pizza?
Giving a werewolf silverware!

Which side of the werewolf has the most fur?
The outside!

Why are werewolves better than vampires?
Werewolves don’t have a problem with steaks!

Why do werewolves do well at school?
Because they always come up with snappy answers!



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4 Responses

  1. Titan says:

    Um. No offense, these are kinda bad.

  2. dirty Al says:

    Most Of them are good .

  3. Midnight Howl says:

    Hi! Newbie here! I need a friend… And a clue of what to do here. >.< (Some of those jokes be being offensive)

  4. Rylee says:

    Word of advice; don’t say any of these to an actual werewolf. Most of us are fairly hot headed, and while there were one or two i thought were funny, the majority made me want to growl, as stereotypical and stupid as it sounds. Trust me, I try to avoid growling due to the sheer degradation via criticism it invites. If you’re gonna make a joke about a werewolf, make it a pretty damn good one, because depending on their anger management skills, it quite possibly will be your last joke.

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