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Many werewolves find it hard to express their feelings to others. Part of this stems from that they have to keep a big secret hidden from many people in their lives. Suppressing their/your feeling from humans and not being able to share the same  experiences that would be possible if they were human can have long term effects on the werewolf’s personal life.

There are things a werewolf can go to help cope with not being able to share with another person who is not wolf.

One of the first and best ways for weighted ones (werewolves) to cope and share is to write in a diary or journal. This is one of the easiest ways to express yourself and can be done at any moment since a journal is easily slipped into a backpack, or, if necessary a piece of paper from anywhere can be used. This is a quick effective method to help talk yourself through life’s struggles.

The next best method for effective venting is by calling your own cell phone and leaving yourself a message. This method must be done with caution since it is your voice after you listen to the message of yourself “venting” it is recommended that you delete the message. However, if this method is used properly it can be very effective.

Werewolves are strong and not dependent on many people, this does not mean that werewolves do not need help from time to time.



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  1. Jay says:

    sounds like it has merit

  2. Lunar says:

    Werewolf967 you always have exceptional posts

  3. Vyctor j t says:

    It sounds like a great idea

  1. February 14, 2012

    […] can be hard to find, some home gardeners cultivate lupinis – the cut flowers are very pretty. 3. Diary – Most werewolves can be very closed and guarded. A diary is a nice valentine’s gift for a […]

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