werewolf kissing scenes

Here are some kissing scenes from movies (and a TV series) featuring werewolves.  Usually when they have kissing scenes with werewolves in movies and shows it’s when the characters are in human form, and in the clips below that is indeed the case.  (As a sidenote: it is far, far easier to find kissing scenes with vampires and humans than with werewolves and humans!!)  🙂

The Company of Wolves – kissing scene between the Huntsman and Rosaleen. You’ll find the kiss at 5:52.

The Wolfman – In this scene, Lawrence Talbot (Wolfman in human form) kisses Gwen.


Eclipse – Bella and Jacob kiss – Bella’s attempt to convince Jacob (werewolf) to stay.

Teen Wolf – MTV Series – Scott (the Teen Wolf) and Allison share a kiss while dancing.

Underworld – Kissing scene between Selene and Michael Corvin (Lycan/Vampire Hybrid)



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2 Responses

  1. ILiekPizza says:

    Werewolves need love too. 😐

  2. Titan says:

    @ILiekPizza: True, true, child but answer me this, did that guy on the underworld movie… he was staring at them kissing I think he was a perv… your thoughts?

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