Werewolf Loup Garou Stamp

In 1990 Canada issued a set of commemorative stamps honoring legendary creatures in the folklore of their country. Of the four special stamps that were created, one of them was of a werewolf stamp (le loup garou). The belief in the Canadian werewolf (Le loup garou) actually originates from French folklore. Legends say that le loup garou roamed the countryside at night. One main difference between a traditional werewolf and the Canadian loup garou, was that le loup garou could sometimes take the form of animals other than a wolf.
Based on the legends, Canada created a pretty cool werewolf stamp which depicts a fearsome-looking werewolf in completely wolf form with mouth open as if threatening someone or something. He is standing in front of a full moon in what looks to be an empty field in the countryside.

Canadian myths and legends run deep, and in addition to the werewolf stamp, Canada honored three more legends in their stamps series including a stamp honoring the bigfoot (sasquatch), the ogopogo, and the kraken.



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  1. Värlôc says:

    My father actually went to Toronto and Windsor, which is across the border of the US’s Detroit, MI. and got them. He has these as we speak.

  2. Wolfina says:

    I luv saying the name loup garou…:)

  3. Sarah says:

    i was in Quebec for a field trip and we went to this restruant acting thingy where you were feed like it was when quebec was founded and i asked about the loup garou and the guy, who by the way was hitting on me and only me, told us about them in scary 1700’s french story way it was soooooo cool….then i was a bet….to be his wife or not…….but hey he was cute

  4. lee ann says:


  5. lonewolf123 says:

    That is so cool! Canada loves werewolves, this I know, cause this stamp tells me so.

  6. Laika says:

    There is a story of the loup garou ball, but I only heard that on a DVD special feature

  1. January 20, 2010

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  2. May 12, 2012

    […] historians say that the word “rougarou” actually originated from the French word “Loup Garou” (which means werewolf), and indeed in Louisiana the two terms can sometimes be used […]

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