werewolf makeup

Looking to be a werewolf this Halloween? Werewolf makeup comes in many shapes and sizes and is probably you least expensive route. If you are on a limited budget you should just get the werewolf special fx makeup and do the work yourself.

Are you not very artistic? Just ask a friend to put it on for you! The rest of the costume should be pretty easy, a werewolf can be dressed in almost anything, with some limits of course! Stay away from t-shirts with logos on them. If you can grab a plain t-shirt, one without any writing at all. button up would be a good way to go too.


Do a web search for werewolf makeup, werewolf special fx, or werewolf face paint.


Choosing a pair of pans for your werewolf costume will be even easier, just one tip, stay away from a really tight fitting pair of pants. The best effect will be had with a looser fit pair of pant bottoms.

Keep the werewolf costume simple and neat, use your imagination! You don’t have to spend money on a costume if you can just find the stuff in your closet… good luck!



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