Werewolf Masks for Halloween

For those of you who are not werewolves, I found some pretty cool werewolf masks out on the market last year. This year I’ve seen some new masks out (pictures below).  Some of these werewolf masks are pretty cheap..the first one only $24.95!! The second mask is one I found at Spirit Halloween. Kind of a weird werewolf mask….kind of scary too! The third mask was found at full moon masks, and the last werewolf mask from Max Costumes comes with latex werewolf face and makeup! Don’t be afraid to try to make your own mask. A werewolf mask can also be made with some imagination – you’ll need to buy some makeup from a store like party city (brown and dark brown are the two main colors you’ll need), some fake fur, and some fangs. If you want to get more complex, there are all sorts of videos on youtube showing you how to make great masks if you have some time..

werewolf mask halloween
werewolf mask halloweenwerewolf mask halloweenwerewolf mask halloween masks

Printable Werewolf Mask

Printable Werewolf Mask



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65 Responses

  1. terra the shapeshifting green witch with the wolven familar says:

    *rolls eyes* we dont all look like that.

  2. Argentus Lupus says:

    Attention all members of this blog, i ask you a question.
    Please hear my request and give me answer quickly. WHERE IS THEWOLF? And where can i find our friendly Elder? And THEWOLF, if you view this, know that your student is eager, yea, very eager to learn:)
    very, very eager

  3. lee ann says:

    wow that is one butt ugly mask

  4. Hachina says:

    Amen. lol, looks more like a wererat than a werewolf. O_o

  5. Hachina says:

    (‘specially the last one XD)

  6. what the fuk is up with those ugly masks the middle 1 is the best out of them all they are rats than wolves

  7. lee ann says:

    Hello everyone haha

  8. RotRiley says:

    i just hung out with olivia, and now i’m very sore

  9. lee ann says:

    Im so happy hahaha! At peace o man I found my parents! Like my real parents from the war!

  10. wot goin on wit u lot

  11. lee ann says:

    Im going to see my parents again yay!!! Maybe evene my baby sister!!

  12. lee ann says:

    I dont even care if I might be talking to myself right now o man theyre there Im going to see them!

  13. lee ann says:

    what do you mean?

  14. lm glad 2 see u happt

  15. lee ann says:

    thanks! omg their coming back haha Im going to see them!!! yay!!!!!

  16. and wer u lot been al day

  17. lee ann says:

    Ive been out and about and here actually mostly here

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