Werewolf maxims

Werewolf Maxim’s

There are some general rules or basic principles that serve as s guide for modern werewolves. What are some of these basic principles to living as a wolf?

  • Obey your alpha
  • Do not reveal the “wolf identity” to anybody.
  • Keep track of the cycle of the moon.
  • Control your temper

Each principle has a significant place and function for werewolves to live by, following the basics and refining them can help the wolf achieve a higher status and respect among peers.

Take for example, obey your alpha; we all have our place in the order of a pack by obeying this rule you will see that one day it will be your turn to be leader of a pack. Most do not get there directly from the bottom, you have to work up in the ranks, obeying the alpha is critical in this process because it is not until you have knowledge and respect of the pack that they will accept you as their leader.

There are some werewolves who choose not to be bound to any rules and some who do follow a different list, but by following some basic principles you will see that your weighted life can be much easier than it is at this moment. Principles will give you a direction, a meaning, and a destination in your journey.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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33 Responses

  1. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    im not in a pack so yeah and the other 3 im pretty good at so yeah

  2. have you ever been part of a pack? most wolves find it difficult to find their first pack…

  3. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    yes 5 i just like to be alone

  4. ohh ok… your own leader!

  5. A Wolf in Disquise says:

    yep no rules i dont like no body presureing me no having to obey someone else

  6. llyon says:

    well done… this is a perfect maxims of the weighted life, everything you said here is correct… but very few these days follow the “rules” of others

  7. Suki Foxx says:

    its hard to find respect is why they dont follow the “rules” were there is no respect there is no dignity

  8. Jay says:

    Ok I get the whole pack is safer thing, but dam I like not having the responsibilities of constant duties of a pack although it is something I desire form my very core in the future. Yay the life of a loner. Sighs* at least I did until my family discovered I’m allowing a made female to live with me sighs again* now there visiting making jokes and my dads taking the whole he’s ready to come home approach. God my brothers and sisters used to fear me now there making jokes in front of me. Then when I growl in warning they laugh saying “there’s no need to get all defensive she’s pretty. or never though I’d see you with a mate.” even worse is that my dad is all for the whole settle down and follow in his foot steps thing. Why doesn’t life ever give me a break? sighs* great now I’m ranting.

  9. Suki Foxx says:

    that dont sound like fun

  10. Wolf. says:

    You want to talk about pressure….try leading a pack. It’s not easy, but we are all very close. Shocking info for you….we don’t really have a lot of power struggles.

  11. Re-searcha says:

    i think you’re all sick… jay’s comment. I mean does this joker actually believe his rants. And the rest of you i hope you are referring to wolf pack as a figure of speech. I really hope so. Cause if you’re not, ya’ll need to grow up. I know this is supposed to be fun, but come on, you guys are beginning to sound crazy.

  12. lee ann says:

    Alright well I’ve broken all of these rofl
    Alphas a dumbass perv
    I’ve told a bunch of friends
    Moons easy to see from here dont need to track it
    I usually have a bad temper

  13. perv? really? im not the one screwing older guys to get into clubs and to get alcohol.. kk? so reconsider them into the situation before you accuse me of such things.. i would never try for you no matter if you were of age… your attitude is rediculous.. one of these days someone is gonna end up slitting your throat and leaving your dead rotting raped carcass in some drainage pipe… and ill be the one to say i told you so

  14. These laws are what are supposed to keep packs in line and have worked for mine… though the respect thing could use a bit of improvement… the pups like to doubt me… but there just pups, they dont know what needs to be done, yet

  15. lee ann says:

    you aren’t my alpha dumbass rofl I would even be in your pack if it could save my life

  16. death by moon says:

    re-searcha A. we’re all grown up in someway or another B. it is’t really about fun C. jay isn’t ranting, he’s speaking about his problems. Anyway the respect thing is a huge deal because without respect there is no order, and without order there is no peace. Personally i think i’m probably too young to be in a pack yet, but maybe someday cause of the safety and protection.

  17. death by moon says:

    Hell i’m not completely sure i am a wolf yet. ?????? ?_?

  18. That guy says:

    i can just feel when the moon is full with out ever having to check the a caninder or even look outside.
    I had rage ishues when i was younger, but i have gotten them under controle.
    I used to be the alpha in my pack, but their was a power struggle with a new guy and i lost the posishon, so i just walked away from the pack.
    I have only ever told a couple people, but i made them think i was jokeing.

  19. That guy says:

    come to thin of it, arn’t we breaking the rule about not telling anyone hear on this site?

  20. knowledge seeker says:

    isnt part of the purpose to help those who are seeking knowledge of their inner wolf as well as connect us with others of our kind 2 share our thoughts with? that guy i believe that is important to keep us sane.

  21. KC says:

    @That guy: just asking do any of you know the Tate family or Coomans because both of them was born in england and they say they are wolves but there Dad’s sides are only wolves…..can you tell me if you know them because the Tate”s and Coomans are the bigges family of wolves in england thats what Erick and Elliot said…. ps i have been talking to them and so fair everything i read on this sight and other sights say they are wolves can you tell me i know that you car’t tell anybody but can you tell me….plz 🙂

  22. Leilani says:

    How does one become a werewolf?

  23. Aneisso says:

    I have lived by these rules and I have survived w/ no problems. (Please don’t rant to me or cuss at me or be disrespectful. It is barbaric and quite quite rude.)

  24. hidden lone wolf says:

    I follow the maxims except for the “obey you alpha” as i am a lone wolf.
    But i do follow one of them very closely such as the “do not reveal the wolf identity to anybody”) and the rest of the maxims not so closely.

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