Werewolf myth: Transformation upon meditation

It may seem true to many that a werewolf is able to control his “curse” and manipulate it upon will, i.e. meditation; this is false -a myth. A werewolf in human form or in werewolf form is unable to control his transformation in either direction (to become a werewolf or to return to a human state); when the werewolf is fully transformed into the evil being that he is he no longer has control over his self. The “self” he had in human form is completely unaware of what he is when transformed, he no longer posses any memory of being human and vice versa. To help one better understand why this is true you must realize that when a werewolf is in his “animal” state he must be able to recall that he was once a human, a human with emotions, a normal life, a soul, one who is able to enjoy the human pleasures of life; while some may believe this is possible it simply is not true. A werewolf (in animal form) will never realize that that  he is (sometimes) human, if he cannot realize that he was once human then he cannot change back to human, the reverse is true here too.

My second point is specifically directed toward the actual meditation process. Meditation is a technique used to gain heightened mental awareness or thoughts, causing the subject to, in most cases, reduce the stress level. Mediation, being in the mind, does not have any clear physical effects on the body, other than the long term reduction of stress that might show a difference when one is to “age.” I must make clear that one cannot meditate to transform “yourself” into another physical being – this is a myth; transformation cannot be controlled by the werewolf himself.



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  1. dawson says:

    that is so not real. a were wolf can phase to its wolf form and humun form at will but when u r in a wolf form you have to calm down to turn in to your humun form. it might sound kind of like twilght but its not.

  2. conner says:

    dude im a werewolf i would know if twilight is real or not

  3. adam says:

    cool me to twilight is so stupid werewolfs RULE rock on bro

  4. bob says:

    OMG werewolfs dont exsest i agree wit dawson twilight HAS gotten to ur head

  5. adam says:

    dawson do you like twilight?

  6. Hachina says:

    You, my sorry friend, need serious help…

  7. some one says:

    there is a diffrance between born werewolves and bitten ones
    bron were wolves are immortals and overtime learn to manipulate th gift, biten lycanthropy is fatal, usualy cause the unconrolable victim is kill by law inforcement, also the longeryou have been a wearwolf the more controll you have over it

  8. some one says:

    sorry i did some spell checking:
    there is a difference between born werewolves and bitten ones
    born werewolves are immortals and overtime learn to manipulate their gift, and to see it as one, realising their superiority to humans, bitten lycanthropy is fatal, due to the uncontrollable rampage the victim is killed by law enforcement vigilantly almost always with in a few days

  9. jakar says:

    i was born a lycan but it skips a generation so my kid wont be a lycan thats odd isnt it

  10. Jay says:

    Perhaps the werewolf contrary to popular belief can actually evolve. Moving forward toward the future thus gaining control over itself.

  11. omigioha says:

    im on this one alice

  12. omigioha says:

    alice you there

  13. random says:

    see this article is wierd in ways because randomlly i will have dreams when i fall asleep that are so detailed and so realistic that this article make me wonder. plus i have woken up with scars on my arms and legs that i swear i didnt have when i fell asleep… any one else have this happen to them??

  14. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    i have, its very confusing.

  15. Värlôc says:

    I have…I realized then I was a werewolf. It’s pretty obvious that many things can cause scratches in the wilderness.

    As for the dream part, werewolves have intricate dreams that can’t really be interpreted. Most of the time, they mean something, and it’s usually something important. Maybe a warning of what is to come. I had a dream like that not too long ago. It told me not to go to the woods that night. I listened, and sure enough, there were lycan hunters there. If I had gone, I would be dead right now.

    Listen to those dreams, and meditate upon them. You may find meaning.

  16. TaYlOr WoLf Of NeW says:

    Varloc i have question for you. is it posable that someone might have to wolves? ive been having dreams and that seems to be one of the only possabilities.

  17. BlueWerewolf says:

    werewolf967 your info is wrong again because we can control our phase the only time we have great difficulty controling our phases(when we are done being newborns of course) is during the full moon when we are newborns the only time they dont phase is on the newmoon. when a werewolf has matured they can phase at any time during the day or at any time of the month at night

  18. T. Logan says:

    I have always loved werewolves prayed they were a reality.

  19. Aplha wolf Rayne says:

    prayers answered my friend

  20. wolfboy says:

    no 1 is on

  21. Shadow says:

    a person who is a werewolf can choose to shift into his/her wolf form by meditation. in twilight they dont meditate to transform it is triggered by anger or excitement. i would know. the day that you all have seen everything there is to see on this earth then you can tell me what i am saying is ridiculous or wrong. until then contain your ignorance it would be best.

  22. Jeremy says:

    Bluewerewolf you don’t make sense. anyway i hope i see a werewolf in my life :).

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