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Generate your werewolf name! Choosing what to call yourself in your new state can be frustrating! If you’re trying to pick one yourself, check out this werewolf name generator for a suggestion on what you should be called.

What’s your werewolf name?

First Name:
Last Name:

Vampire Name Generator

*note: Try a different browser if you are having trouble getting a name, it should fix any problems.



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603 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    @Lycanhope: no names are a civil consept without them we are no better then savages

  2. Matika says:

    This name generator doesn’t work that well… They should really fix it.

  3. Starlight says:

    I tried six times but got nothing. They should fix this thing.

  4. jade says:

    Not to be rude but dosen’t were mean man so werewolf is a male and a she-wolf is female

  5. Jenna says:

    The video is blocking you from seeing the names. It’s on top of it.:(

  6. breanna says:

    I love wolves, I’m veary protective of my food, also when I’m mad I often growl at people without knowing, I have veary sharp claws and I sleep walk and often wake up in a bed of pine needles somewhere, I can yip bark and howl. I love the moon, its wonderfull when it’s full, I love it cause it’s bright.

  7. johnney says:

    how do i post on this site. And how do i use the name generator.

  8. i need help figuring out how to tell who a werewolf

  9. bloodshed (my werewolf name) says:

    to tell who is one and who is not look at thes things
    1. if they really hairy
    2. If they are restless sleepers
    3. how much they like meat
    if u think someone is a werewolf find me, i can judge 4 sure. (im a werewolf i should know who is and isn’t)

  10. Mason says:

    hello. I am wondering if I can tell if my boyfriend is really a werewolf. I am scared and he thinks he is a werewolf.

  11. yachiruWOLF says:

    im a werewolf!!!!!! but im very happy bout bein one its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. yachiruWOLF says:

    I cant get my name oh well off 2 another website then

  13. W£R£Wølƒ says:

    Bloodshed, you won‘t ever know for sure unless you are one. I am and I am only eleven years old, and my mother is one. I have the rage of a werewolf. The hair truly doesn‘t matter, but here are symptoms:

    1. Growling when raging, also shaking uncontrollably when in a rage.
    2. Howling at a full moon as if it is your world.
    3. Cannot eat enough of uncooked meat; [ I have tried rare steak, I enjoyed it, also I enjoy raw bacon which counts. ]
    4. Has much trouble sleeping at night, and has woken up howling or chewing your pillow up.
    5. Long hair, maybe as sleek as fur, and a unibrow that begins in the center instead of the original brow.
    6. Very fast runner.
    7. Smells very well.
    8. Can tell when somebody is near, thus if doing something they shouldn‘t they quickly stop before that person reaches them.
    9. Has lunged and thrown somebody to the ground for hurting family, or sped and snatched family up to protect.
    10. Acting like a dog is a very, very normal symptom of a werewolf.
    11. Loving the forest, every werewolf does [ who doesn‘t? ]
    12. Hating water, and I tried my hardest but I failed swim lessons; got an F on all report card for it. I struggled too much when they tried.

    THESE ARE ALL THE SYMPTOMS I SUFFER FROM.. BUT I AM HAPPY. Thanks for reading. Not all of you are werewolves! good luck!

  14. Alexander says:

    we need to talk

  15. Kayla Negron says:


  16. hayley says:


  17. byron says:

    my name is not showing up

  18. Perrie says:

    You people think you are accually werewolves?What the hell…Get a life!

  19. Mary says:

    Excuse me but you are being very rude.

  20. Mary says:

    That and your the one who looked up this site. so actually you need to get a life. im just pointing out the obvious.

    • Aria says:

      @mary I’m writing a comic and was looking up names and that’s how I came across this site… you guys are very immature to actually think you guys are werewolves… I went to the comments to see if anyone else was having problems with the generator not working and all I see are 10 year old kids saying that they are werewolves which is weird but ok for a kid to think but then I see 21 year olds posting and I’m over hear laughing at how stupid this is… sorry for being rude but if you still think you’re a werewolf then I’m at a lost for words!

  21. Lycanhope says:

    @Mary: Hi five!
    Sorry, that was immature. But well said.

  22. Mary says:

    and lycanhope, im curious. why do you think that the bite does not work. im not asking to criticize you or any thing i just want to know why.

  23. Lycanhope says:

    @mary: Science may be wrong all the time, but maths is numbers, and numbers don’t lie. The likelihood of a virus that complicated occuring in nature is next to none.
    Add on to that the fact that it apparently popped out of nowhere, with no indication of evolution to its current form, makes it next to impossible.
    I’ve developed theories on how it would work, and one day we may be able to engineer something like that, but at the moment it’s just not going to happen.

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