Werewolf names around the world

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It’s kind of weird that almost every country has a word for werewolf. Here’s a list of names that werewolves are called in different parts of the world…wolf names around the world…

Croatia: vukodlak
Spain: hombre lobo
Portugal: lobis-homems / lob omen
Estonia: vironsusi / libahunt
Argentina: Lobison
Brazil: lobisomem
Italy: lupo manaro
Mexico: nahual / hombre lobo
France: loup garoux
Albania: oik
Armenia: mardagayl
Denmark / Sweden / Norway: Varulv
Greece: lycanthropos
Bulgaria: varkolak
Turkey: kurtadam
Netherlands: weerwolf
Lithuania: vilkolakis / vilkatlakis
Serbia / Bosnia: vukodlak / вукодлак
Russia: vourdalak / оборотень
Poland: wilkołak
Catalonia: home llop
Finland: ihmissusi / vironsusi

Check out more on werewolf names here. It mostly has other names that werewolves go by in English.

Or generate your werewolf name with the name generator



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