Werewolf names around the world

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It’s kind of weird that almost every country has a word for werewolf. Here’s a list of names that werewolves are called in different parts of the world…wolf names around the world…

Croatia: vukodlak
Spain: hombre lobo
Portugal: lobis-homems / lob omen
Estonia: vironsusi / libahunt
Argentina: Lobison
Brazil: lobisomem
Italy: lupo manaro
Mexico: nahual / hombre lobo
France: loup garoux
Albania: oik
Armenia: mardagayl
Denmark / Sweden / Norway: Varulv
Greece: lycanthropos
Bulgaria: varkolak
Turkey: kurtadam
Netherlands: weerwolf
Lithuania: vilkolakis / vilkatlakis
Serbia / Bosnia: vukodlak / вукодлак
Russia: vourdalak / оборотень
Poland: wilkołak
Catalonia: home llop
Finland: ihmissusi / vironsusi

Check out more on werewolf names here. It mostly has other names that werewolves go by in English.

Or generate your werewolf name with the name generator



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  1. Argentus Aureaus says:

    Friends in fur and scale,
    This is Argentus Aureas,
    a long time friend of Lee Ann, Suki, Sabrefang, Vulkan, and the rest.
    For those of you who are blogging on here that are in your souls true wolves, vampires, or some other race, welcome.
    To you i give this request and advice,
    Be safe! Be strong!
    To my pack,
    remember me and fight

  2. Suki Foxx says:


  3. Jeff says:

    BLING BLING- wait…

    I mean, LONG LIVE THE BURGER- Ahh damnit, I mean…


  4. Zakiya says:


  5. Wolfie's Gal says:

    What has happened? WolfSoul, are you alright?

  6. long time no see argentus been a while

  7. howl says:

    hey, WolfSoul? uhh… are you okay?

  8. Lee ann says:

    Is anybody around?

  9. Lee ann says:

    Come on people…

  10. Jay says:

    lol this is once agian base on a bias theory that because there werewolf they must have a really cool name. I think a name is a name it’s chosen at random to the liking of your mother an father.

  11. Amanda says:

    what is with this site? i mean there are reall werewolves right?

  12. Shadowmoon says:

    Yes amanda, for I am one, ask about me and be answered.

  13. DaRcHoWl says:

    Happy Valentines Day to all the werewolves out there 🙂
    Yes I know it’s the 15th now, but only by an hour and a half.
    Peace out xXx

  14. meeka says:

    anybody a VAMPIRE here?

  15. meeka says:

    im a vampire/werewolf.
    and do you earn these names?
    i just want to know.

  16. moony says:

    why are there vampires on this website??? im a werewolf and speaking of vampires im hungry.oh dang it ive gotta control that! ah well the same with my anger problems but i stopped trying to control that cuz in anger management i nearly ate everyone so…yeah. and i wanted to say if u r a true werewolf then u arent in a pack never have and never will. though i am a shapeshifter to so as my wolf form i have a pack and im the alpha(leader)but thats regular wolves not werewolves

  17. Madayn says:

    hey everyone!!!! 🙂

  18. madasyn says:

    im a new werewolf i guess i just shifted for the first time yesterday and need some advise…..

  19. madasyn says:

    im a new werewolf i guess, i just shifted for the first time yesterday and need some advise…..

  20. Chris says:

    I am a werewolf through bloodline and was recently given an old diary from one of my ancestors. An it say that curse needs to be triggered but doesn’t say how? Has anyone had this and found out what triggers it? Please get back.

  21. meaghan says:

    an ancestors diary…..sweet

  22. Chris says:

    Yeah it is but I really wanna no how the curse is triggered and it doesn’t say anywhere. You got any ideas? x

  1. May 28, 2010

    […] Using the term werewolf, lycan, or lycanthrope to describe what you are boils down to personal preference. Any one of them will work, and they all mean the same thing.  They are all and interchangeable way to call yourself as a werewolf. Werewolf names around the world. […]

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