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Just wanted to share a few great werewolf pictures I’ve found around the internet. Check these photos/pictures out for ideas of what werewolves actually look like.  As you can see, werewolves are evil-looking, mean, scary creatures. Even if you were to think that a werewolf was not an inherently evil creature, there is no denying that just looking at a picture of a werewolf you would think it was evil. The pictures all have sharp fangs, glaring eyes, and an ominous air to them. And these pictures do not even show the werewolf in attack-mode, just pictures of the werewolf standing and watching. Werewolf sketches and drawings can sometimes show friendlier-looking werewolves.



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655 Responses

  1. have u ever heard of screatures,were kinda a mix between werewolf &dragon

  2. kaitlyn says:

    i love werewolfes they are awsome i just love there color,howl,and running. i’m part werewolfe hahahahhahahahah and i not lieing

  3. RebeccaGoldentail says:

    Me Too.



  6. eclipse says:

    Ok I would just like to say, people don’t become werewolves through bites. That’s not even the original legend, that’s what Hollywood thinks. Some people anger me when they say that werewolves become werewolves through bite. Your either born with it or you’ve put a spell on yourself.

  7. Lycanhope says:

    ^ Intelligent people do research. I rest my case.

  8. Wolf says:

    My God someone post a wolf spell I am a part wolf and I know one it goes like this…….
    By the light of the moon,and our piercing howls, we are further tranceformed into cunning beast, by the circle of life to the evalution of MAN we shall be rewakend as one with the land….
    this comment is better than this page my god! And to began with all these factes are wrong and that spell I said, Yea there is more and first of all I am a GIRL!

  9. Wolf says:


  10. Madd Dogg says:

    i see fake fake and more fake stuff that belongs on Devaintart

  11. humankkidd89 says:

    okay… let me get this straight. Almost all of you people are werewolves. My question to you. ARE THERE ANY OTHER WAYS THAN BEING BORN OR PUTTING A SPELL ON YOURSELF?.

  12. Gabriel says:

    @humankkidd89: Ok before ask its not genetics and its kind of up in the air how you become one. Second, a spell would only work if you were previously one and didn’t know or something (idk I just know it doesn’t work). Third, don’t shout, and please pick a name.

  13. humankkidd89 says:

    im also tired of hearing bout twilight in my school… yes, they will not forget that movie… will someone just kill me already? im tired of hearing bout this twilight shit.

  14. humankkidd89 says:

    hey, my keyboard is sort of broken with the caps lock.

  15. humankkidd89 says:

    also… what do you mean pick a name?

  16. Wolfie says:

    oh my god dude stop this is just bordom spamming! noboy but me id on but i dont care im trying to read all i see now is three chats oh my god dude just stop, just say something useful for once!

  17. Gabriel says:

    @humankkidd89: First, if people are still talking about twilight they are far behind, nothing to ki|| yourself over. Second, yes caps lock randomly when you actually asked the question (very specific) and you clearly didn’t fix it until now. Third, up until a few minutes ago you couldn’t deside between “ineedsomeadvice” and humankid.

  18. Lycanhope says:

    @Gabriel: My personal belief on how people are picked is cruel cosmic joke, but that may just be my own experience.

  19. nicolas says:

    What about instead of becoming a werewolf by bite or werewolf spell what about taking some blood from a werewolf and putting the werewolf blood inside a person maby turn into a werewolf

  20. nicolas says:

    Here my theory of becoming a werewolf being born or put a spell on yourself or inject your self with werewolf blood

  21. Brent says:

    Real WereWolves…LOL!! people come to reality… Stop dreaming movie style… Open your eyes and get a job, stop watching movies and wishing for stupid things… Me I want to Fly and See through wall…. Oh ya, Im SuperMan.!! up up and away …LOL!!

    • Riolu says:

      Do u have a problem?! Cus we can solve it right now! When was the last time YOU came to reality?!

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