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Just wanted to share a few great werewolf pictures I’ve found around the internet. Check these photos/pictures out for ideas of what werewolves actually look like.  As you can see, werewolves are evil-looking, mean, scary creatures. Even if you were to think that a werewolf was not an inherently evil creature, there is no denying that just looking at a picture of a werewolf you would think it was evil. The pictures all have sharp fangs, glaring eyes, and an ominous air to them. And these pictures do not even show the werewolf in attack-mode, just pictures of the werewolf standing and watching. Werewolf sketches and drawings can sometimes show friendlier-looking werewolves.



Do you love werewolves? Do you turn into one? Do you know when they transform? Learn all About Me! Or even better Link To Me!

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655 Responses

  1. Lunar says:

    @dream catcher:
    If you are hungry eat your gummy werebears

    Hide them quck!

  2. Aconissa says:

    @Lunar: They are well hidden…. very well. Mwuahahaha!

  3. Greyr says:


  4. aj1833 says:

    it doesnt matter whose goes on this site… if werewolves aren’t meant to be known about then they aren’t. stupid scientists shouldn’t be messing with nature and if they do i hope they know there is serious consiquences. (and 1833 is just a number… paranoid much?)

  5. Dream Catcher says:

    @aj1833: LOL, IM NOT BUT IT LOOKS AS IF YOU ARE.. who cares about who comes on here, and who really care about the number attatched to your aj? I DONT

  6. lee ann says:


  7. Dream Catcher says:

    @lee ann: U lost me on that responce…. “facepalm”??? does that mean slap?

  8. Lunar says:


    Wow.. that was out of the blue there.

    @dream catcher:
    Its like, when something happens you find stupid you put your palm to your face in reaction instead of saying anything.

  9. Greyr says:

    aw…… lol

  10. noah ford says:

    omg they are soooo sexy

  11. emowhitewerewolf says:

    ok so like this is making fun of our kind like rlly we look nuttin like ths ugly monsters ty very much DX we look just like wolves just that we are bigger and our hind legs are longer but we dont rlly like to stand up it hurts DX so just sayin

  12. michael says:

    this shit is fake

  13. VIKRAM says:


    ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////;///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //// /// ///// ///////////////

  14. Hey i saw all of these comments and to be honest some of them scare me. I will i admit I do believe in werewolves whether people thinks its weird or not. If you say you are a werewolf though im warning you to just be careful because people could use it against you or something. Be careful what you post on the interenet im sure all sorts of people read stuff on this site. So if you really are one and believe there are others out there, be careful what you say because it could hurt you or other people. There cant only be one out there in the world so be careful,protect eachother, and guard your secret with your life, and goodluck.

  15. gallows says:

    i read yalls aruments and your storys and found out that i am more like a werewolf than i though that dream that ended with you waking up with your teeth and your jaw hurting has happened to me to but i woke up on top of a third story building which scared the hell out of me the first time that it happened to me………. i still dont know who i am please help me find out?

  16. i like were wolf so much hate Vampires

  17. Oh my f*cking god! How many times will I have to say it?! The plural form of werewolf is werewolVES!!! Not werewolfs! GET IT RIGHT NEXT TIME!!!!!!

  18. lonewolf123 says:

    Werewolfs, cactuses, funguses… 😀 am I annoying you?

  19. savannah says:

    i really love werewolfs they are related to the wtt tribe.im the princess of that tribe.

  20. lonewolf123 says:

    Yeah, good for you.

  21. Nocturnal says:


  22. gingervamp says:

    im a vampire, so lonely, no other vampires, just werewolves humans posers and vampire haters

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