Size of werewolf population in the world

The werewolf population in the world is extremely small when you compare it to other species on the planet.  Even vampires outnumber werewolves by a good amount.  If werewolves are so powerful, why is there such a disparity in the population size between them and the other creatures on the planet?

One reason is because werewolves were hunted nearly to extinction during the 18th century. At the time, the vampire population was quite large compared to the werewolves.  A group of newer vampires emerged who had considerable egos and wanted no part in the tradition, discretion, and decorum that had been part of the vampire code up until that point.  This group of younger vampires therefore got together and went on a savage spree, exposing themselves to humans and unmercilessly taking the humans they wanted.  What they did not expect was that the humans would fight back.  And that they would be helped in part by some of the older vampires, who saw no need for this young, insurbordinate group who was upsetting the order they had worked centuries to establish. The war against the vampires spread through Europe and is well-documented in history as an hysteric craze against vampires in the early 1700s.

During this war, humans became paranoid and not only crucified vampires, but other humans – and unfortunately – many werewolves as well.  As it was, humans and werewolves had long had an extremely contentious and adverserial relationship.  Werewolves had always been feared and avoided by humans, but the vampire war heightened that adversity to a whole new level.  An unbelievable number were hunted down and destroyed.

After the war, the vampire population eventually recovered. The insubordinate vampire group was destroyed by the humans, and vampires learned to control their own even more carefully than before. Werewolves however did not have as large a population to begin with, and were now much smaller than before. In addition, the werewolf population size is slow to grow. Werewolves do not convert many humans to become werewolves.  Vampires on the other hand are less discriminating and seek to “change” others  for not only power, and control, but for company.

Today’s population of werewolves is only a fraction of what it once was.  This is not to say that there aren’t many more werewolves in existence than humans would ever suspect.



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85 Responses

  1. Lukesf2 says:

    and i would like to ask Buddy where are you getting all this false information oh that goes for you to werewolf976 do you honestly have no clue what your talking about? and do you know that almost all the weres that use to come to this site stopped due to these stupid false information facts that you come up with and the fact of all these stupid roleplayers swarming the site well do you? Reply to this Buddy or Werewolf976 because I’m getting rather annoyed with this site for many reasons. you honestly don’t know what your talking about do you? Well i want you to stop giving false information and I’m really sick of your stupid inane insolent idiotic facts on weres which you have no freaking clue what the hell your talking about.

  2. Jay says:

    Yay first comment although I don’t really know what to expect I mean Sara is a turned so maybe there’s a rouge group or werewolves now.

  3. Lukesf2,

    We share our thoughts and views on this blog, we don’t expect everybody to agree with our views since all werewolves have very different experiences. Some werewolves experience things that others will not, the same goes for humans.

    We know there are many out there that continue to come to the site and share with others, without the sharing of information many would be lost.

    I understand your frustration, whenever you or others disagree it is important that you share your knowledge and experiences with others in the comment – whether you agree with us or disagree…

  4. me says:

    yep! werewolf967 got a point back there. you cannot blame him for the false information cause that’s the main reason why he made this blog. its a blog. he justs posts one so that people would try to correct it. To know the truth that lies whatever. lol. and werewolf967, i would like to ask why is my name glowing like yours ^^.

  5. me says:

    eheh so did you made my name glow or did not cuz if you did how can i change my pic. ^^ and also are you 24 hours on. or is there buddy to substitue you? ^^

  6. me says:

    still i consider that ^^

  7. Suki Foxx says:

    use a wordpress acount and put the pic you want as a gravitar and your name glows because u put a websight so it goes blue to tell evryone clicking ur name gets them put at ur link

  8. me says:

    but there is no web in my name it only tracks me. ^^

  9. Suki Foxx says:

    then dont put the adress in the websight bar

  10. Suki Foxx is right,

    Your name “glows” because it is the website or url when you made the comment. To change it just type in your website name, or just leave it blank, or use this website’s name, it’s really up to you.

    Im not the best one to show you how to change your avatar. BUt I think if you go to the wordpress website and sign up for an account you can insert your own image… if i’m wrong someone please correct me…

  11. Suki Foxx says:

    no ur right about the pic

  12. me says:

    good idea ^^ lets try this link click it if you dare ^^

  13. me says:

    werewolf967 are you a werewolf? eheh simple question ^^

  14. me, I am merely in the inner circle…

  15. me says:

    eheh ill try my new picture ^^

  16. Suki Foxx says:

    Werewolf967 y did u call me Suki Foxx lol i thought u saw that almost no one calls me by anything but Suki

  17. me says:

    ehe still sneaking up on the net^^

  18. me(new) says:

    oh yeah im back with the vengance ^^

  19. me(new) says:

    so did the pic work werewolf967?

  20. Stephen says:


  21. Stephen says:

    Hufffff I dont like being a lone wolf here ….

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