Protect your identity

So, once you’ve hidden youself from humans, and you’ve moved out of the city, or into a quiet job by yourself, what’s the next step? Do you have to constantly stay on your guard protecting your identity? Can you relax? The answer is unfortunately no. Being a werewolf means you can never relax and just be. You must constantly be on guard to make sure you are not discovered for being who you are. This does not mean that you can’t be yourself with some people. Some people – some select people – you’ll be able to let your guard down with. But be warned. No matter how secure you may feel, always remember you are a werewolf and you cannot share this secret with just anyone.



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12 Responses

  1. Zakiya says:


  2. llyon says:

    that is everything in a nut shell, well done

  3. me says:

    oh yeah 3rd to go.

  4. me says:

    identities identities identities….. alll about identities. ^^

  5. Whitetip says:

    Not so easy when you have siblings and a new school to manage.

  6. REZO WOLF says:

    WAIT!!!! I CAN’T TELL ANYONE??? I did tell people….so does that mean I have to lie to them to forget about it and I’m not one when i am!?!?!?

  7. nopack says:

    I could tell my werewolf friends were werewolves because the way they acted but I asked them in a protect place “r u guys werewolves” they just stared. One slowly nodded and I just smiled and said I told u guys it’s not something u should be scared about with some human. I hugged them and the rest is history. 😀

  8. white_wolf911 says:

    this post helped me a bunch! I’m homeschooled. I need some questions answered if anyone is up to it….. I don’t know any werewolves.. or I think I don’t. if anyone has time. please reply.

  9. Hunter says:


  10. Hunter says:

    Any one on ?

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