Werewolf quarrel

In a quarrel between a wolverine and a huge grey wolf, who wins? At first you might think thatwolf and wolverine the answer is clear – the wolf will win. But watching the video of the quarrel below, it is clear that the wolverine thinks that he will win…even though he is smaller, and seemingly not as tough as the wolf, he is still powerful and fierce… and the wolf knows it. The wolf runs from the wolverine knowing that he has little chance against the undaunting persistence of the wolverine.

Wolverine study NPS

Werewolf quarrels are similar. A werewolf often knows that he will be the winner of any dispute – he knows his strength and power, and has confidence in himself. Even if he may appear physically smaller than his opponent, in a quarrel there is little doubt in the werewolf’s mind that he will be the winner of any altercation. This presence of mind and confidence in self is an edge that the werewolf has in any confrontation. Even with all other factors stacked against the werewolf, this is such a powerful force that it can be the winning factor for the shapeshifter in a quarrel.

Strength of will beats size every time. Watch the wolverine beat the wolf in this quarrel!



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5 Responses

  1. I’ve read that a wolverine will even chase a black bear away from its own kill… sounds like one ornery (ahem, self-motivated?) creature.

  2. Bob says:

    Well, if a wolf new he HAD to kill the wolverine, he would probably kill it, but since wolves aren’t stupid and ambitios like wolverines, they know when to back down

  3. Jacob says:

    Get real people werewolves dont exist and even if they did they would want to be left alone……………

    • Riolu says:


    • wolfgirl_is_at_war says:

      oh im going to pretend I never saw this but I did you really like to crush dreams dont you I hate you and I would like you to tell me where you live so I can prove every bit of it maybe when your bone are being crushed youll believe goodbye non believer if you dont answer back I will have hunted you down or your to scared

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