werewolf ringtones

You can find a bunch of Werewolf Ringtones here on ILW very soon!

Werewolf ringtones mainly consist of howling (and you could imagine it’s either a wolf or a werewolf howl). There are also some with some deep snarling and growling, and some breathing, grunting, and panting. Werewolf ringtones are great for horror lovers. There are other horror ringtones around too, such as vampire ringtones, creaking door ringtones, evil laughter ringtones, ghost ringtones, devil ringtones, and screaming people ringtones.

You can find American Werewolves in London song ringtone. Surprisingly lots of choices out there for when darkness comes and you want your phone to scare your friends. Don’t be surprised if when your phone starts howling or snarling like a wolf or a werewolf you lose a few friends, they might think you’re nuts!! If your friends arent horror lovers, then your best bet might be that song from American Werewolves in London. Have fun!

I Love werewolves werewolf ringtones coming soon! Check back soon for details!



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  1. Greyr says:

    boom boom boom, thats the word we like XD yay! me first again hah!

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