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Once a werewolf has found love, how do you take the love, and make the werewolf romance last when there are so many things in the human world conspiring to keep you apart?  The answer depends alot upon whether or not your romance is with a human, vampire, or another werewolf.

Werewolf – werewolf romance is probably the easiest scenario.  Both people in the relationship know the deepest secret the other carries, so deception and restraint do not play a big role in the relationship.  Or, to be more clear, should not play a big role in the relationship.  If you are finding you are having problems in a romance with another werewolf, my first question is, are you still hiding a part of yourself from your werewolf partner?  Remember, although as a werewolf you have trained yourself to hide and deceive others for personal safety, you do not have to do that with another werewolf.   Identify if you are still withholding something from your partner or the relationship .  If you are, acknowledge it, and open yourself up.  If you don’t, it could eventually pose trouble in your romance.

Vampire – werewolf romance can be a little trickier.  One of the trickiest parts is that traditionally, werewolves and vampires have been longtime enemies.  Of course, while this is not unanimously the case – and as we have discussed before, vampires and werewolves can certainly get along in some cases – it can be a bit trickier than either party can expect.  You might start out your romance completely oblivious to the longtime animosities between vampires and werewolves, thinking that you’re the exception.  But, breaking the barriers that have been built up by generations of others before you, can be more difficult that you think.  You may find yourself falling back on some of the old-time animosities as fuel during disagreements.  You might find yourself harboring resentments against your partner because of things that other werewolves say about vampires.  Do not let others influence your relationship. Your relationship does not include a third party.  While your friends may think themselves perfectly justified in bad-mouthing vampires around you, you must learn to keep them out of your relationship.  Your romance does not include their opinions about vampires.

Human – werewolf romance is the most difficult of the three scenarios.  The romance is likely to start OK, but  distrust can quickly develop.  As a werewolf, a human – werewolf romance means you give up alot of security by sharing your secret (the fact that you are a werewolf) with a human.  With werewolf romances,  it is unlikely your secret will be shared.  With vampire romances, it too is unlikely too be shared as vampires have a secret to keep as much as you.  But with humans…ah, well, they could rat you out to other humans in a second.

If the human you trust shares your secret, you are in deep trouble. The problem is, if you don’t share your secret, this can become a wall between the two of you. Your romance will not have the chance to develop further as you must keep half of yourself secret from your human partner.  The key behind a human – werewolf romance is first identifying if this is the love that will last and not just a quick romance.  Once you are certain that this is a love that will last, you must learn trust.  Trust in yourself, and trust in your human.  At some point, you will just have to go with your instincts, that this is a love that will last a lifetime, and trust the fact that you chose someone that loves you enough back to keep your secret, even if you have a disagreement or fight.



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61 Responses

  1. edra says:

    Grrrrr yyyyyyyyyyyyyy must sooooooo manynof you make false claims of being changing. Infuriating,,,,,! And dangerous as some are not old n wise n get curious n hunt 4 Thierry own kind n get possessed when find fakes. Stop!,,,

  2. edra says:

    Hmmmm cub suggest you not give surnames out!! The hunter will not be the hunted n a pointed finger often gets bitten off by the alpha male in defense of his kind! Now brothers n sisters restraint. Same 4 you cub!!

  3. david says:

    funny story well sortof my old neighbor is a werewolf but just told me now because of his situation and he knows i really want to be one and would have done something stupid to become one anyway he was about to tell his gf his secret she told him she was a freaken slayer or hunter what ever you wana call them. he was all like 0.0 and i was all like dude you almost died lol it was funny but also as a human (for now) all slayers are stupid and i will always help a werewolf so there

  4. Lycanhope says:

    The stupidity is strong in this topic…

  5. Mary says:

    Oh my god. one time, i was kissing my boy friend (now ex) and i accidentally uh. my hand changed and i sliced his back up real good. i almost couldnt forgive myself. but now i do cause he was a total doosh bag.

  6. Mary says:

    oh and edra WTF?!

  7. @Mary: Well, wouldn’t you be angry if someone ripped your back open??!!

  8. el says:

    I don’t wanna be rude but if he knew you’re a werewolf or shapeshifter he/she must accept something like that can happen

  9. el says:

    @david: People or static as I call them are stupid.They can’t keep ecsept that they are “normal”

  10. c says:

    All my life I’ve been searching for werewolfs and yes I know they exist as humans do, if we don’t have the chance to know one doesn’t mean they arent actually there, our close mind is what makes them keep a distance. I know my words can’t say too much about humans but pls believe me we aren’t all bad

  11. Roguewolf says:

    whose ever a human out there you have been warned

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