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As religious as they may be, as powerful as the prayer beads may seem, the rosary  (religious prayer beads) cannot harm a werewolf. The rosary is in fact a powerful tool for communicating religion, but is not the correct tool for “slowing” or “stopping” a werewolf in werewolf form. A weighted person (werewolf in human form) can in fact be caught using the beads for their correct purpose, therefore defeating the purpose of trying to use it against the werewolf. Any power from the Rosary does not negatively affect the weighted one.   Furthermore, the weighted person can still practice her or her religion while in his or her human form.



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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8 Responses

  1. Hachina says:

    I have rosary beads, as well.

  2. lee ann says:

    I have prayer stones but not for the same puurposes

  3. Werewolf LeaAnn says:

    I have some rosery beads, or prayer beads or whatever you call them. (I’m not Catholic, but I am Protestant, and I still use them) In fact, they actually help me. They have a good effect on me.

  4. Whitetip says:

    I wear mine and for some reason my rosary gives me this weird power I am unable to figure out. This rosary is like maybe 20 years old maybe older not sure, great grandmother gave it to me. I find it funny now when she told me it “Keeps the beasts away”

  5. alex says:

    How can I become or a werewolf pleas I want to be one pleas and when I become a werewolf will I heal fast pleas im new I wana be a werewolf

  6. @alex: honestly the only reason you want to be a werewolf is the healing power. Get a life jeez.

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