Werewolf Sightings in Virginia

One location of werewolf sightings is in Henrico County Virginia of a werewolf that has come to be known as the Werewolf of Henrico County. The story of the werewolf of Henrico County has taken on something of urban legend status…it’s hard to find true first-hand accounts – every thing heard about this particular werewolf seems to be something that a friend said. When you finally are able to get through the excitement and whispers, accounts of the werewolf sightings describe a greyish white creature covered in fur that stands upright and “has the face of an animal”.

These werewolf sightings seem to be clustered in Henrico County Virginia in and around the Confederate Hills Recreation Center.  It is unclear how often the werewolf appears or what its appearances coincide with.

Possible explanations for these werewolf sightings include a hoax by a local – the sightings are after all in and around a recreation center – it is not unplausible to think that a local teen has pulled out his halloween costume and is trying to pull a prank on the local community. There are those however that deny that it is a prank.

Another plausible explanation to the sightings that has been offered which seems to be more likely is that what is being seen is actually a bigfoot, since the area is also a huge spot for bigfoot sightings. If this is true, this would not be the first time a bigfoot has been mistaken for a werewolf. From a distance, both bigfoot and werewolves can look pretty similar. In the darkness, a huge upright creature covered in fur looking vaguely human could be mistaken as either. Unless you have a close-up encounter, it could be very difficult to determine which creature it in fact is.

A final possible explanation for the sightings is that this is in fact a real werewolf.  It does however seem unlikely that this is the case given the location of the sightings – a recreation center.  Rec centers are hubs of activity, and this particular one sits out in the open.  Most werewolves would steer clear of such areas as the chances of being spotted and identified are extremely high.



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138 Responses

  1. william says:

    @Kat: mate is like a werewolf’s soulmate

  2. Kat says:

    I knew that! I just thought there was more too it. :/

  3. trevor says:

    @krystalyn maddox: they r definately real darlin glad someone belives

  4. hansel says:

    @IKnowwerewolves…everything:): helllo my name is thorne, but you may call me hansel, everyone does, **edited** tell me about what you know of any sightings anywhere, thank you.

  5. CelticOracle says:

    Guys, werewolves ARE real. This full moon I’m casting my spell I’ve been creating and researching for a few weeks. I came to this site for more info on these revered(to me at least lmao) worshippers of the Goddess and I get all this shit from nonbelievers. Sure Virginia isn’t the best place for reliable reports, but werewolves are real and soon I’ll join their ranks. It’s not all to difficult to awaken yourself to the Goddess and your Primal Potential. I won’t tell you my spell in particular, which will be very effective. I’ve studied Wicca and magick for over 4 years and I’ve always wanted to become one of the Goddess’s true disciples.
    So yea, stop the hate and remember that love is stronger than hate, and the latter can only bring destruction.
    Blessed Be brothers and sisters )O(

  6. sreeharsha says:

    the word were wolf is just a framing . such creatures really don’t exist and though they exist they might be hunted by now Reading this kind of things should add fun for but not fear or something Hellenization so if they really exist why cant we see them they are just confined to movies and enjoyment if i say there is a creature with human body and a elephants head called humanelef will u believe but if i show it in a movie u start to think and fear of it the same are these were wolfs and vampires just read and enjoy

  7. Sabrina Hernandez says:

    u know i live 5 mins from here and is anyone gonna change me into a werewolf

  8. Doug says:

    Seems there have been a lot of recent ” Loup Garou ” sightings down south. There is a team taking folks on real Werewolf hunts hunts in the swamps of south Alabama. From what I understand there are Indians in the area who have legends of skin walkers..funny thing there tribal Animal is the wolf..The Hunts are miles deep into the swamp filled with snakes and gators..you sleep on floating platforms ( go in by canoe) and set up cameras , motion detectors , ir and lasers, all the stuff you see on T.V. http://www.deepsouthadventures.com

  9. Gracie says:

    My son and several of his friends had a werewolf sighting here in Montana a few years ago. My son’s experience was up close and personal!
    He said although he felt a little afraid, it showed no sign of aggression toward him, but seemed agitated at his friends, for they got real excited while my son stayed calm n quiet.
    He said he was so close he could have touched it! He looked away from the werewolf at his friends for just a mere moment and when he looked back, the werewolf was gone.
    This is a TRUE story!
    This happened not far from our house and it he hasn’t seen it since. But my son still to this day keeps an eye out for it, he wants to see it again and try to talk to it… Scary!

  10. Michael says:

    i believe in supernatural things but at some point it comes down to seeing is believing
    and to all those who claim to be one im issuing an open challenge to prove it if u can lol on the next full moon come to riverton place, gastonia nc 28056 and prove it thats all.

  11. ... says:

    Yo people I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again werewolves are not monsters they are just genetically wolffish people

  12. I host a podcast where every week, I bring on eyewitnesses who’ve seen these things. I realize it’s extremely hard to believe, but these things are out there.

    They’re not real Werewolves though. What you see is what you get with them. They’re flesh and blood creatures that look that way 24/7. They’re more appropriately called, “Dogmen.”

    Gracie, I’d sure like to talk with your son about his encounter.

  13. Faith says:

    Y’know, I was at work one day. And this couple that are regulars were I work came through my line. And I was talking to them, telling them how I hardly see them. And the wife just flat out says: yea, well there are werewolves in Keysville.
    I kid you not my face went through a few different facial expressions. LoL.
    I do love reading werewolf stories though. 🙂

  14. @Faith: Hi Faith,

    I believe it. More people than you’ll ever know have encounters with Dogmen.

    Most of the eyewitnesses that I bring on my show will tell you they would have been the last people to believe Dogmen exist. That is of course, right up until the moment before they had their own encounters with [email protected]Faith:

  15. zay says:

    @Gracie: That is an amazing encounter he had. I am seriously jealous. I love werewolves and occasionally visit werewolf territories for a chance meeting myself. I do believe your story and i think that what he experienced was something rare and special. There are absolutely things existing in this world that defy the common logic and understanding of most people…but facts and truths do exist, whether people believe in them or not.

  16. zay says:

    I think it is amazing that he had that encounter. I am seriously jealous. I love werewolves and occasionally visit what i call “werewolf territories” where people have seen werewolves. I think what he experienced was rare and special. I believe your story and i was intrigued to read about the sighting. There are absolutely things existing in this world that defy most peoples logic and understanding. Facts and truths do exist whether people believe in them or not. One of the things that upsets me the most is the negativity that alot of people have towards these creatures. There is so much fear, hatred and presumptuous ignorance surrounding things of this nature, and it makes me angry. Another thing that upsets me is how many people make arrogant statements about how these things cant possibly exist and they act like they know this world and this universe inside and out like the back of their hand. But anyways, perhaps someday your son will get the chance to see that creature again…I wish you and him the best of luck and the best of life. Take care.

  17. S.M says:

    Three friends and I were in the woods back when we were around fourteen-ish and saw something that I still believe to this day was a werewolf. It was bipedal and had canine like features. It did not act aggressive toward us but more curious, though it went back up toward an old mine and I haven’t seen it since. Though a few younger kids have sworn that they have saw it since then.

  18. Mya Martinez says:

    i believe that who ever you believe in wouldn’t just want people to play into society hands like half of our population already do now. I think they would have wanted people to go out into the world and discover whatever they put on this world. YESSS!!!! It will be terrifying discovering and figuring out the impossible but DO IT! The god you believe in would have wanted you to use your brain to it’s full potential! !!Use those brains people

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