Werewolf Sightings in Virginia

One location of werewolf sightings is in Henrico County Virginia of a werewolf that has come to be known as the Werewolf of Henrico County. The story of the werewolf of Henrico County has taken on something of urban legend status…it’s hard to find true first-hand accounts – every thing heard about this particular werewolf seems to be something that a friend said. When you finally are able to get through the excitement and whispers, accounts of the werewolf sightings describe a greyish white creature covered in fur that stands upright and “has the face of an animal”.

These werewolf sightings seem to be clustered in Henrico County Virginia in and around the Confederate Hills Recreation Center.  It is unclear how often the werewolf appears or what its appearances coincide with.

Possible explanations for these werewolf sightings include a hoax by a local – the sightings are after all in and around a recreation center – it is not unplausible to think that a local teen has pulled out his halloween costume and is trying to pull a prank on the local community. There are those however that deny that it is a prank.

Another plausible explanation to the sightings that has been offered which seems to be more likely is that what is being seen is actually a bigfoot, since the area is also a huge spot for bigfoot sightings. If this is true, this would not be the first time a bigfoot has been mistaken for a werewolf. From a distance, both bigfoot and werewolves can look pretty similar. In the darkness, a huge upright creature covered in fur looking vaguely human could be mistaken as either. Unless you have a close-up encounter, it could be very difficult to determine which creature it in fact is.

A final possible explanation for the sightings is that this is in fact a real werewolf.  It does however seem unlikely that this is the case given the location of the sightings – a recreation center.  Rec centers are hubs of activity, and this particular one sits out in the open.  Most werewolves would steer clear of such areas as the chances of being spotted and identified are extremely high.



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138 Responses

  1. evelyn says:

    i live in virginia and iv never heard any thing about this probly cuz i vive in norther va

  2. evelyn says:

    i live in va

  3. Paige says:

    One night a was up in my my tree house and I could hear loud footsteps somewhere below me. My dog that I had with was crouched under a shelf whimpering. Whatever it was was snorting and huffing.Then it let out a ear-splitting howl. The streetlight by y tree house came o and I could see the siloueete of a creature that was 7ft. tall with shaggy fur and a long, pointed muzzle. It had glowing red eyes and long, gleaming claws. It had the stench of sewage and other rotten things. You know I’m 10 years old and I’m thinking “What the heck is this thing?” It looked right up at me and then it was like the trees opened up at the creature stepped back into the forest. My sighting was July 1, 2011 at Falkner, Mississippi.

  4. Paige says:

    One ngiht my Mom woke me up because she said I was twitching and making some sort of barking noise. She told I growled at hher sometime in the night when she tried to wake me up. I think I’m a werewolf because I don’t remeber nothing after dusk and in the morning when I wake up I have scratches and burrs all over me.

  5. lupus-mirus says:

    anybody ther

  6. krystalyn maddox says:

    In virginia they said on the news someone had reported a “look like were wolf” in there yard snooping around, In northern virginia, Which is where i live . So just on the safe side i brought my dog inside.. Because i have always believed in werewolves/ vampires and stuff like that because i’m into wicca… Could there really be a werewolf out there?????

  7. gingervamp says:

    im a vampire

  8. werewolfdude123 says 'any1 on?' says:


  9. lonewolf123 says:

    ugh, I hate people. a lot are just idiots who think they are SOOOOO smart, but I’m not directing this at u guys, I’m directing it at SCHOOL. With an exception of Reptile and trollers and posers and illegal advertisers.

  10. well i figured out (flashback in wolf form) we are two legged wolflike creatures

  11. Yukiko says:

    hey just curious about this, are there any werewolf sightings in or near North Carolina? I try to look it up but all I get is bigfoot and a slime monster sightings…. O.o

  12. Me says:

    for those of u who keep saying ur werewolfs…i cant help but laugh. werewolfs dont expose themselves to the world for several reasons. two of those reasons being the obvious…they dont want to be hunted by people who fear and misunderstand them, and two, they dont want to be tested on by the government. our governments a real peace of work when it comes to the supernatural like that.

  13. carver says:

    i saw a black panther around 4 am , while i was going deer hunting a couple of years ago . my son in law wish with me both of us saw it for about 15 seconds in the road in front of us it was trailing something

  14. carver says:

    @krystalyn maddox:

    there are a lot of strang animals that acording to experts dont exist. but how can some be an expert on something that dont exist ?

    what colleges courses do you take lmfao

  15. Get Help Retards says:

    WoW glad all these emo wannabe be tweenies are posting that I am a were wolf i am a vampire… guess what you aren’t… you all are ugly zit faced little mental emo basket cases just trying to escape your shitty lives by pretending you’re something you’re really not

  16. Tinashe Gate says:

    Firstly the notion that a man/woman can turn into a wolf like creature is laughable but I do believe there is some sort of animal that hasn’t been discovered yet that resembles a werewolf

    My encounter happened in 1995 I was 9 at the time (Please note that at this stage of my life I hadn’t seen a werewolf movie or even heard of one) Me my father mother and my brother where coming from our rural home in Murehwa (Thats in Zimbabwe in Africa) We where driving along a stretch of road around 10p.m when I felt the need to pee my dad pulled over so that I can go. I didn’t go far from the car so I started relieving myself a few metres away in some tall grass I saw a head sticking out at me from the top this thing was at least 7ft tall and it just stared at me. I quickly zipped my self up and ran back to the car (a little pee got on to my pants) My dad asked me why I looked spooked but I never said anything to him. Our rural areas are known for strong supernatural occurances I like to hear the stories from our elders but I don’t really believe them but some experiances can never be explained

  17. F*offh8ers says:

    Welll, for your information, I dont exacly beleive in vampires or zombies or gouls or ghosts(Well, ghosts is a posibility.),But I have always wanted 2 b a ww. So anyone out there??????????and if u rnt gonna say somthing nice, dont say anythin at all, i am pointin out get help retards,Me(how would you know that if ur not a ww and if ww dont expose themsevz?) And all u other h8ers.
    P.S do any of you no a girl named Marissa Ostrowski?

  18. @Lizz: yes. WW r real and the mate concept is 2

  19. @Lizz: yes. WW r real and the mate concept is 2. So if there r any h8ers readin, get off!

  20. Kat says:

    @IKnowwerewolves…everything:): what is the mate concept?? 😀

  1. October 23, 2011

    […] report is that the sighting occurred in a state and  somewhat near an area that is well-known for werewolf sightings – Henrico County, Viriginia.  Woodbridge, the location of the most recent sighting,  is located in Prince William County.  […]

  2. October 24, 2011

    […] have also been reported in Henrico County, near the Confederate Hills Recreation Center. A blog dedicated to all things werewolf says the sightings could be a hoax, given their proximity to a […]

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