Werewolf sightings likely to increase 200% on halloween 2015

werewolf sightings increase halloweenThis is a warning to humans and werewolves alike – there is likely to be a 200% increase in werewolf sightings on halloween 2015 over what there was on halloween 2014.

While many humans may find this news incredibly exciting, to werewolves the revelation can be a point of distress and anxiety. Humans dream of meeting a werewolf up close and face to face (or let me correct this statement – they dream about it until it actually happens!) Alternatively, most werewolves have no desire to be part of a “sighting”. Werewolves want to choose how and when to reveal themselves. In today’s world however, this is becoming increasingly difficult to do.

The increase in sightings is due to many factors, but in large part is no thanks to the tremendous population growth seen worldwide in just one year…in October 2014 the world population was approximately 7.2 billion people, while in October 2015 the world population is estimated to be 7.3 billion!  While 7.2 to 7.3 may not seem like much of a difference mathematically, let’s put it in a real number without decimals that is easier to comprehend – the increase in population from 2014 to 2015 is over 100,000,000 people!!!!

This type of population growth means cities become more crowded and remote areas become less remote.  Those empty lots on the edge of town likely have construction on them to put up apartments or condos or townhomes.  The local supermarket which used to be relatively empty on weekdays likely has more people than you’re used to.  Finding an empty parking spot at the mall is probably harder than you remember it being last year.  All these are things that humans may only notice subconsciously.  To werewolves however, the changes make it ever more difficult to maintain their privacy.  Whether or not they want to, werewolves are (more and more) being forced to inhabit the same places as humans.

The end result?  Sightings increase.  Halloween – when humans are out at night more than any other time of year – is likely to have more werewolf sightings in 2015 than ever before!! The good news for werewolves however, is that most humans will not recognize that they are actually seeing a werewolf! They are likely to mistake any werewolf sighting for a halloween costume or halloween special effect.  Nevertheless, sightings will increase, so werewolves should take extra care and be aware of the increase in humans that will be out on halloween night this year.



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9 Responses

  1. Lilyian says:

    Happy Halloween Everybody! You might see sightings of fellow werewolves! Just so u know i am a werewolf and you might see me

  2. Lilyian says:

    fyi humans dont run or hide ill just be running around :3

  3. reagen says:

    i wonder if you are liying becose i did all the triks and i am not a warewolf and a wrewolf is evel call them wolf bloods like a show i woch dont be a wolfbloode you will regretit all

  4. reagen says:

    just playing around jk just trying to get lafts sorry if i evended you

  5. kerenray says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I was wondering if you could do 1 for 2016

  6. chad wenick says:

    where do real werewolves live

  7. Werewolves are awesome says:

    Chad werewolves can live almost anywhere I am a werewolf and I am happy I didn’t turn tonight

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