Werewolf sightings spike in Hull UK as hairy 8 foot half man prowls the countryside

Residents of Hull are worried due to numerous recent werewolf sightings near the nearby waterway Barmstom Drain.  Eye-witness accounts of the creature say that it is very hairy, extremely tall (reportedly 8 feet), and appears to be “half-man, half-dog“.  It is also worth noting that it’s not just a single sighting – multiple sightings have been reported of the werewolf creature, all describing similar characteristics.  The creature is said to be able to jump over 30 foot fences, runs on all fours, and can walk on two legs when it desires.  One resident claims she was walking her dog when she spotted the creature; the dog then refused to go any further down the path.   The local Labor Councillor is keeping a diary of eye-witness sightings.HULL BRIDGE

Residents are convinced the creature is a werewolf, as the area has historically been home to a specific werewolf known as “Old Stinker”.

Folk legends go back a century telling tales of Old Stinker.  The legends describe Old Stinker as a huge hairy creature with red eyes and horrible breath that lives and roams in the area near the Barmstom Drain.  The area near where Old Stinker is said to roam is also reportedly one of the last places in England to have wild wolves.

More proof and eye-witness accounts of the Hull werewolf may be forthcoming as a local historian has arranged a full moon “hunt” through the area of Barmstom Drain with recording equipment to see if they can catch the creature on tape.

Hull is a city in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

hull england werewolf sighting



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12 Responses

  1. tencarlton says:

    Love the weekly poll, when you do see one, you’ll be rooted to the spot in fear – LOL – at try and talk to it, running wouldnt do you any good, have you ever seen one move?! I have and it doesnt lope along, it bounds along as fast as a dear on all fours!

  2. tencarlton says:

    I spotted it back when I was camping out and was walking down from the mountains of the north going into the main city, city had plenty of missing persons pictures on cartons and the locals call it a black panther, but that wasnt a cat that I woke up and saw and the turd (stool). I took a good long look at, both the poo and the beastie an it was impressive by anybodys standards!

    I dont know who was more startled from the encounter, me or it!

    • tencarlton says:

      I guess it didnt expect some guy to stand up and cough when it came bounding along, but this was the bit, i’ll remember to my dying day, as I cleared my throat it did the same with gutteral barking sounds as it shot off down the woodland path to take a giant and I do mean giant crap, I’ve tracked and hunted wild game and that was sure as hell no deer poop! There where three in a clutch all bunched together the size of a full sized fist and round like a giant jacket potatoe.

  3. tencarlton says:

    I was rooted to the spot shivering in the damp dark night for a good 20 minutes before I plucked up the courage to follow the way it went towards the city limits, then as I arrived I changed my clothes, rubbed myself down with wild flowers and moz repellent to change my scent and left the area on good ole public transport as soon as possible walking across running water just for good measure.

    • tencarlton says:

      Probably should have known better than to walk off with a map and compass leading into erm, delightfully named places, “Blackwood” leading into “Kursewood” – but whats in a name?

  4. tencarlton says:

    If nobody hears anything from the guy in Hull going out on a “werewolf hunt” or “tourist expedition” then, I guess that’s one everybody can chalk-up to ole stinker having a tourist flavored snack.

  5. Alpha says:

    Um… Ok that was…um…ya

    • tencarlton says:

      Lol, sorry, I guess if I had time to prepare what I was going to write I could have written it better with better spelling pronunciation and punctuality but then, I just discovered this page and felt like sharing the experiance, I’ve got nothing to gain from lying, the place I was at was a much bigger woodland up in the highlands of the north, so I just felt like sharing the experiance of being rooted to a spot terrified with your hands shaking and trying to blend into the hedgerows as much as possible on a very cold dark and damp night and praying deep down that what-ever it is your looking at doesnt suddenly decide to come in your general direction.

      Good thing it didnt though or I would have gone down kicking and screaming, it wont eat me without a fight, I bite back – lol

  6. tencarlton says:

    I bet the easiest way to tackle one would be like tackling a dog, hit it on the nose and kick it in the you know whats!

    Wouldnt like to find out tho!

  7. Alpha says:

    Bro, im a werewolf. We have full control over ourselves even when we are in the beast form. We also transform whenever we want to.

  8. Kat says:

    His ass needs to calm down. if he’s a were dog and not a werewolf, he’s ruining our reputation. Were dogs are the endangered race here. Staph tarnishing us!

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