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I’ve found some great werewolf sketches floating out around the internet.  These werewolf drawings show a strong werewolf that must have just transformed, shirt is half torn off body, in poses like he’s ready to attack. This next werewolf sketch is a different take on the werewolf, showing a skiny, evil-looking werewolf that almost seems to be sulking away from something. And here’s yet another werewolf drawing. This sketch is of a werewolf that looks slightly super-heroish, like he is leaping through the air ready to attack. All these werewolf drawings are all similar in that they show evil, scary werewolves, all slightly human-like. If you want to see something funnier, you can check out this werewolf drawing which is a little more cartoon-like and is better suited to those who would have nightmares looking at the other ones.



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287 Responses

  1. darkstorm says:

    hello anyone there well yeah ummmmmmm yeah i have a drawing of a werewolf holding a dragon by his throught with a sword stuck in the ground the werewolf has wings its pretty kwl

  2. Darkstorm says:

    yeah im at skwl so i prolly wont type bak till monday

  3. Darkstorm says:

    and yeah i did draw that i tink if you are talking bout wat i think you are

  4. hello says:

    there not ur drawings, u have just copied them out of a comic book, make up ur own u big phony

  5. help says:

    how could you do that

  6. help says:

    to me… to mankind

  7. help says:

    how could you kill them with out crying

  8. Sgt. Joe Cadriel says:

    Hey I like your drawing. I am in Iraq right now and we are trying to design a T-Shirt for our platoon. Our platoon names is 1st Plt. Wolfpac. If you could maybe draw a design we can use for our shirt we would really apperciate it. We are looking for something bad ass. Please help us. If you are interrested you could get ahold of me at . Thanks

  9. mrudula says:

    hey i really lked the pic its not that scary but scary enough to keep my brother stay away from my room

  10. Vampire Werewolf says:

    hey peps im sorry i was gone for the past month ive been busy

  11. Luke says:

    Hi everyone.

  12. Me says:

    hey these drawings are sooo cool! i wanna draw like that someday! soooo cool! my bro likes the cartoon one but i dunno.

  13. dude thoz picz&sketchez r awsome!I wanna draw lik dat somday,but i guess i’ll hav 2 wait2 find out

  14. van helsing says:

    werewolves are real i tell you i hunt them ill prove to you all call 1-800 van helsing and tell me if you have seen or heard about a werewolve

  15. rickey says:

    you will not believe this theres been a werewolve attack down in the woulds of san diego it was on the news

  16. rickey says:

    i mean woods

  17. van helsing says:

    i’ve been bit by a werewolve call 911 If you reed this message from D.C.

  18. Dr. Hyde says:

    Hey, I’m Dr. Jeckell and Mr. Hyde, I’m Dr. Hyde!

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