werewolf snarl

The werewolf snarl is a terrifying sound that is meant to scare off all creatures, it is generally generated as a means to threaten an enemy or an unwanted visitor. Like wolves, the werewolf snarl is used both offensively, and defensively, but is primarily used as a final warning before an imminent attack.

How to snarl:
With a snarl, a werewolf tightens the lips, exposing the teeth, and a deep rumbling growl emanates from the chest. The sound is somewhat similar to a combination growl/bark. It is however different from a growl in that it is not as long and rumbling, and different from the sound of a bark in that it is not as short and abrupt.

There are a few different types of snarls depending on the situation. Careful listening can help you distinguish amongst them. Werewolf Snarl #1 for example is extremely short. This confident snarl is intended as a warning to back off. If the intruder does not back off, the werewolf will attack and is confident it can defeat the intruder easily.

Werewolf Snarl #2 is a snarl you would hear as a werewolf wins an aggressive confrontation. It is a final snarl meant to warn whoever he was fighting not to come back.

Werewolf Snarl #3 is the sound of a werewolf snarling in the middle of a confrontation.

Listen to wolves howling.



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  1. Jay says:

    Lol I got the first comment and I’m Lmao here my brother used to snarl at everything including father lol till father set him straight.

  2. snarls are a werewolfs way to say that you are not welcome.

  1. December 8, 2011

    […] What about snarling? […]

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