Werewolf Song: I Watched the Wolves

There are not too many werewolf poems out there, so you often have to look to songs and music whose lyrics are often somewhat like poetry. This can be hard as well because there are just not too many werewolf songs out there! One interesting one I found however which is all about werewolves is by Paul Kantner called When I Was A Boy I Watched the Wolves.

I’m not too crazy about the music itself, but if you’re looking for werewolf poetry or a werewolf song, it’s worth a listen or worth it to take a look at the song lyrics below…

When I Was A Boy I Watched the Wolves
Paul Kantner

When I was a boy I watched the wolves/ When I was a boy I watched wolfpack Run / I watched the wolves till the mornin’ sun / And as I grew I soon found the wolfpack grow on me / Laser bright feel the lunar / light comin down on me / Moonlight, leave me be, comin down on me / We Roll and we go thru the mountain snow / Wolfpack silver, down to the water / Timber line leader gonna find you / Getcha goin down to the nighttime / No eyes shine on the mind protected / No light shines on the fang neglected / Run with the wolfpack / When I was young and low out here in San Francisco / I could rely on the fire of my friends, now I can / Carry a few and I do when I can we get / By however we can / Me and my friends we roll thru the hills in the nighttime / Me and my friends run into the mornin sunshine / I suppose you could yell at your dog / He’d be barking his face right back / I imagine you calling yourself big fang / Observing you run with the pack / Wolfpack werewolf, gleaming on the hillside / She-wolf dripping come here and find me / Down by the cool clear waterside / Down by the nighttime / Bow to the moon lean to the morning sun / Feel how clean when the night when your nite is done / Run with the wolfpack / Get down be bright go back, run with the wolfpack / We have the mountains, we have the town now / Battle cruiser, two tone silver loser / Run with the wolfpack / Run with the wolfpack / Run with the wolfpack



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3 Responses

  1. Jeremy says:

    umm I’m pretty sure he’s a werewolf unless any of the real werewolves comment on here so…. ill just wait till then.

  2. a$hlyn says:

    im a wolve i can prove it if your a wolve on a full moon when you trance form your bones and skyn start growing.

  3. Greyr says:

    w8, theres a song lol XD

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