werewolf figure

A life size werewolf statue! Now that is a costume!

Measuring out at over 6 feet tall this life size werewolf is a high quality creation of a common “movie lycan.”

Want one? Act fast, the website of the makers of this figure indicate that only five of these werewolves will be made. Maybe this would be a good gift for Vampires who are interested in becoming a werewolf but are still unsure…

werewolf statue



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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81 Responses

  1. *stares into those puppy eyes and continues to snarl at you drooling on your fur*

  2. Carlath The Wolf of the Traffic Jams says:

    *Carlath intervenes* Stop it! Or else I will use my delaying powerz on yuo- O wait, I already used it. >:D *Darlath escapes*

  3. Carlath The Wolf of the Traffic Jams says:

    LOOK!!! I’M OVER THERE!! *Runs*

  4. Darlath The Wolf of the East Wind says:

    *kicks around like wild and hitting Jarlaths nuts*… *tries to run and falls over a stone*… ah shit that hurts

  5. Grrrrr LET THE HUNT BEGIN! *chases you down*

  6. You will pay for kicking my sheath. Grabs your neck in rage

  7. Darlath The Wolf of the East Wind says:

    oh good those crazy guys turn on each other i can rest a bit *lays relaxed where he has fallen down and chews some grass*

  8. Darlath The Wolf of the East Wind says:

    aaaaaaaaaah not again it was so comfortable here… hey that was a lucky hit i….i… just wanted to show you my super Wolf-Fu tricks… here is another one its called the invisible fist *farts an awful stinker*

  9. Darlath The Wolf of the East Wind says:

    omg i should not have eaten those rabbits full of kale…

  10. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *holds eyes as tears roll down my face* An eye gouging fart, I cannot see but when I do I am going to plug up that little place with your own tail.

  11. Darlath The Wolf of the East Wind says:

    oh oh oh aeh sorry i… i… i… *shouts loud* EMERGENCY SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE… those rabbits he… not my fault *walks backwards to sneack away*

  12. As I tremble from the pain I trip on a rock and fall onto my tail. OI!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Darlath The Wolf of the East Wind says:

    uuuuuh that must have been hurt… ah hi hi hi aehm dont be angry i… i… will get you a doctor… maybe… DOCTOR IS HERE A DOCTOR… seem to be no one here shit… then aeh i need to… aeh i have to go my therapist awaits me aaeh cu heheh bye

  14. Carlath The Wolf of the Traffic Jams says:

    With my traffic powers, I shall clear the way for the ambulance. *Accidentally congests traffic* OH NO!!! I forgot that I only have the traffic power to cause delays. D:

  15. Unknown_Wolf says:

    And the moral of the story is, if the Big Bad Wolf has you in his grasp, simply eat some Rabbits full of Kale and it will gouge out the Big Bad Wolves Eyes. Until next time kids this is Actors Wolfhouse saying Tally Hoe you Mother F***ers.

  16. Unknown_Wolf says:

    Now get out of here you freaking kids

  17. Come on! anyone??? Suki? Lexi? Dramund? Sabre? Hachina? ANYONE????????

  18. Anyone???????????????????????????

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