werewolf this is your life

It’s something that not everybody can explain, nobody can explain, you can’t explain; the human in the werewolf can’t explain this to you. It’s like you would be caught between two realities. In one reality you have the choices, in the other you have no choices. Do you want choices? If you had no choice in this would your life still be “your” life? It is your life right now right? But, if you had no choice would it still be your life?



I am the second contributor to the ilovewerewolves home. Buddy is the first.

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11 Responses

  1. wolfman2299 says:

    you always have a choice at anytime

  2. wolfman2299, you have no choice. What will happen- will happen. Putting the word “choice” in there does not make it any more likely that you will have a choice in the matter.
    You will reply or not, but one of those will happen without you deciding, it’s not your choice.

  3. wolfman2299 says:

    me replying back is my own JUST because you say its not my choice doesnt make it not my choice.

  4. Wolfman3 says:

    Ok….”You will reply or not, but one of those will happen without you deciding”…what? Are you saying that god is chosing for us or are you just saying that somehow what we chose is not our choice? That makes no sense!

  5. Wolfman3, what I am saying is that we may have less choices than we think…

  6. wolfman2299 says:

    and what im saying is that we have way more chioces than you think, in fact our life itself and everything in it is a choice.

  7. Ookami says:

    We may have a choice, or we may not. Does it matter? I’m not saying that you don’t have a choice, or that someone that does something bad shouldn’t be punished, but really, does it matter?
    Why don’t just live our lifes to the fullest, trying not to harm?

  8. Whitetip says:

    Werewolf 967 I have a question. Have you been forcefully submitted in your life?

  9. Doug says:

    this akes no sence at all.

  10. To werewolf967:Not only have you just perfectly ruined my mind-sight of yourself,but you have just offended me,awfully.We DO have a choice. ‘If you want it,you must will it.If you will it,it will be yours!’-That`s what everyone has to think!Also,is this author asking whether it`s our choice to transform,or is he/she asking about whether we have the choice of becoming a werewolf???

  11. unknown says:

    I thought lycans are were the first werewolf was made. They turn people into werewolf’s and sometimes they can get out of control to what power they have. Tell me if you want to hear the story. please just call me unknown.

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