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26 Responses

  1. Zakiya says:


  2. Any suggestions for the new section?

  3. Angel Wolf says:

    cool. i just got a new site. you need to check it out. angelwolf2.webs. com/
    only without the space

  4. Ive got 2. werewolvesgalore.blogspot.com and werewolfstories.blogspot.com. You have to use the url bar to go there, or blogger.com.

  5. kayla says:

    see my dog he was a germen sherperd and he bit me and he was part or whole warewolf and do u think i am a warewolf i have little sharp teeth growing help me or find out

  6. Observer says:

    your dog?

  7. crash says:

    kayla, u r dumb

  8. Greyr says:

    no kayla is just young. time will come and they will be put to their place XD

  9. TrueDarkness says:

    german shepherds are not werewolves, it is spelled werewolf not ‘ware’ and all humans have canines some are born sharper than others, some get filed down by dentists, and sometimes they’re there for a reason 😉 haha.

  10. herpaderpington says:

    last time i check a “ware”wolf is someone who tries to sell you things at the front door.

  11. You checked a long time ago by the looks of it.

  12. E says:

    @Velix Hollow
    i read that coment and started laughing lol

  13. stacey margons says:

    I am a rogue in this territory, a lone wolf. I am an outcast. I run and run, my paws hitting the dirt, making me go faster. I smell him, the one, his scent drives me crazy, drives me to keep going. Am I going north? Maybe west, I don’t know. I am closer, I’m a blind bat only relying on scent and wind. After a while I feel like I am floating. I see a city in the distance, the smell of gasoline, people and coffee stop me in my tracks. Damn I think. It will be hard going in as a wolf. I have to change, I think of being human and it begins. One minute I am a wolf, the next I am human in all my glory. I rub dirt various places on my cheeks and other parts and I head toward the city. I see the bright green neon sign that reads Charleston pop: 500.i see a cottage nice light brown and modern .i walk into it “my goodness child are you alright” a motherly southern accent asks. “yes im fine, I got lost in the woods camping” I say in a hoarse voice thanks to my recent change. “well lets get you some clothes” she said kindly. She walked behind the desk and disappears under it, she pops back up with a black shirt and a pair if jeans “ I hope these fit” she said kindly. She asks what my name is “ May” I say “May Carnold”

    She’s here he thought as he snapped up. Who? He had no idea, he smelled her the sweet smell of lavender and vanilla left a slight trace in his nose. She isn’t close he thought but she’s here. He shook his head “god im losing it” he said. He followed his regular routine brushed his teeth, took a shower, had his coffee and went to work. Working at a B and B at the edge of town has its advantages, easy accesss to the woods and not too many people. As he neared his job he smelled it again, that damn smell. Lavender and vanilla protruded his nose almost making him have an accident. No he told himself you will not follow it! He parked in the employee parking lot , the smell almost strong enough to make him go to sleep. DAMMIT! YOU ARE AN ALPHA THIS IS NOTHING! He got out the car and shook himself off. MAXWELL BOYD SCOTT, you will stop this RIGHT NOW!! He shook his head one more time and went into the small cottage and was so overwhelmed with the strong smell of lavender he fell to his knee’s.

    She smelled it again, that smoky spicy smell she inhaled deeply and smiled. He’s here, he’s coming! She thought “we have 2 more workers here so you won’t just be stuck with me” ellie said. I smiled “that wouldn’t be bad at all” . I heard the squeak of the tires and made a low warning growl. He came in, overwhelming her with the smell of wood and spice, so much so that the both fell on their knee’s.

  14. lonewolf123 says:

    Ummm… what?

  15. stacey margons says:

    its a story i am working on i wanted to know if you guys like it

  16. gingervamp says:

    i wish i was a werewolf

  17. gingervamp says:

    they can turn into things, vampires are over estimated, we NEED blood and have great minds and strength, they can do anything we can and still get to transform

  18. Tia says:

    @gingervamp: Yer but its better being your self. Its not long till my birthday now 😀

  19. Leon marrok says:

    @stacey margons: not bad for story Stacy Morgans, doing great so far.
    I’m interested to know what happens next .

  20. celtic hunstman says:

    I don’t know, wouldn’t it be more fun in some cases to actually hunt werewolves then be one?

  21. Alyiahna says:

    whassup homies i’m a newbie

  22. You actually make it appear so easy with your presentation but I in finding this topic to be actually something
    that I think I might by no means understand. It sort of feels too
    complicated and extremely vast for me. I’m taking a look ahead in your next put up, I will attempt to get the grasp of it!

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