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Is it true that werewolves need a task too? One thing that gives a human a reason to live, a reason to chug on each day is a meaning to life. The meaning can be anything from taking care of someone to a hobby. If you have too much time on your paws or hands or claws you might cause more trouble than you realize. Not only will you cause trouble but you could end up into a state of being lost in life. Are werewolves the same? Do werewolves need a meaning to life?

Maybe it’s the human half of the werwolf that takes on the meaning to life’s richest moments. Time with family, time with friends, time on a hobby, time fulfilling your dreams. It would be hard for werewolf to full fill his or her dreams, or would it? Do werewolves full fill their dreams?



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13 Responses

  1. Ayla says:

    Yes, and YES. For example my personal goal in life is to stop fu**** up. It’s a long term aspiration, because I’m constantly being presented with opportunities to f*** up.

    My latest: Pissing off the Alpha of the wolf pack in my city. He’s pretty much trying to decide whether to kill me, dismember me, or just beat the living hell out of me. :S

  2. Lone Alpha Wolf Lexi says:

    Everyone and everything has a purpose, every aspect has a reason for being. Wolves, Vampires, Humans, Witches, it doesn’t matter what the person is they all have a purpose and a goal.. It’s just a matter of finding it and achieving it..

  3. Jo=me(hates Astinah) says:

    dont forget about the demon 😉

  4. Orlando Desboulieres(Vampire Elder) says:

    i know what your thinking why is a vampire talking to you well let me explain for centuries i have been trying to stop the war between our two races and unfortunatly i have failed but i still have hope all things have a purpose i was once a hungarian noble and when i became a vampire my purpose remained the same hunt down and kill all who wished for a war (my real name is matthew evans and i am a vampire novelest from scotland)

  5. lee ann says:

    Novelist yay!!!!!! Scotland. redheads weasly twins yay!!!!!! I like this guy XD

  6. Re-searcha says:

    You’re a vampire novelist. What books have you written? I mean can you get anymore crazy on this thing. First werewolves, than Dracula’s in the house. Gimme a break.

  7. Orlando Desboulieres(Vampire Elder) says:

    well my first book black down is out this sommer and im really nervous about its reception other than that im working on book two

  8. pklett92 says:

    writing a book?
    thats pretty fkn amazing Orlando.
    maybe people would like your book if you put word out that there is only one copy left in the entire fkn world.
    100$ said you loose more money than you spend making the damned thing lol.

  9. lee ann says:

    least hes doing something productive with his life pk 😉 instead of sitting here telling people how dumb their ideas are over a computer and what a waste their hard work is

  10. pklett92 says:

    hey Lee get off my back ha ha ha im only jiving m. 🙂

  11. listen i dont like vampires at all there blood sucking rodents and if they would just feed on animals instead of humans then yes are two races would be fine but no you guys have to eat humans so we hunt you guys down and kill you but yes i kno that we have to get our first kill to be full werewolf or lycan wat ever you want to call it but once we had our first kill some of us have the ability to stay away from human blood so just stop eating humans and wed be fine

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