Werewolf territorial behavior

Werewolf 967,
You raise a good point, what are the instincts that drive the territorial behavior of a werewolf? I think werewolves are similar to wolves in terms of their territorial behavior. Wolf packs rarely accept strangers into their territories. Wolf howling aid in spacing wolf populations and keeping packs separate. Werewolves are however part human, so I think this is where the werewolf, especially in human form, will judge and analyze the situation with human intelligence instead of just operating based on pure instinct.



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14 Responses

  1. SabreWind says:

    I definitely would agree there

  2. Silver Shapeshifter says:


  3. Silver Shapeshifter says:


  4. Karcheg says:

    Hmm, very cognitive post.
    Is this theme good unough for the Digg?

  5. Whitetip says:

    We are more human than wolf… So we invite in others.. However if they try something funny, they may have to worry about me and not the alpha.

  6. Thira says:

    i can get pretty protective of my territorey. Though i usually settle it verbally. If another lycan is on my land(who is not in my pack) i would get angry. But not until they steal any of it. I do settle it w/ my mate first. So yes, we usually use our human side before our wolf side.
    May Tor and Fenris run w/ u brother
    -Alpha Female of Pack of Silent River
    x Thira x

  7. applebottom says:

    🙂 hi, thira i have a question for u ru native american?.

  8. Thira says:

    Hello :). Actually I am half native american. My great grandmother was full indian. I inherited some of the Native blood though.
    Any more questions?

  9. no idea what to put here... says:

    i share Whitetip’s situation. my pack is mostly made up of individuals that were bitten and then left behind. pretty rag-tag group to say the least. we generally accept anyone, (unless they’re found to be generally not good.) a lot of my pack-mates left after a while though, many of them to start their own packs.

  10. ill watch u secretly if ur not breaking stuff (purposly) ill let u in however to join u must be a lone wolf or pup in need (pups r cute and errisistable) pups will not be roughed until adulthood

  11. elders ME r nice but strict so werewolf laws r a strict few like all laws

  12. Hey that was my friend who used my account and inserted his opinion while managing to make me look completely stupid. He was pranking me too.

  13. I have a large amount of territory so I allow little groups of werewolves around the outskirts of the territory, with a tax (in meat and/or work.) I don’t allow loners who were kicked out of their pack because they are degenerates and slackers. If you are a loner cause it’s just your style then we will generally help you. Lost or new packs are welcome we like to point out the best territory based on the size and skills/wisdom of the pack and supply some of our kills too. We are over by the Fairfield and vacaville area as it is a huge territory with a large amount of game and berries, some ponds and not much rain. Any packs in need of help cone on over.

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