Werewolf Test

If you are interested in werewolves, then without a doubt there are 2 main tests that you are probably looking for:

1. A test to tell if you are a werewolf.

2. A test to tell if someone you know is a werewolf.

I’m compiling information to get a comprehensive test on each of these situations…because let’s face it, werewolves are more than 50% of the time in human form, so it can be very difficult to tell if you live next door to one, or if you know one.  But there are some tell-tale signs…for example 1. how they smell  2. the reaction of the pupil to mooonlight, and 3.  their temper (most werewolves in human form have a very cool calm temper with an underlying attitude of strength and edginess).  I will describe more of the tests that can be done in a later post, I am still compiling the information.

Just one quick word – when you are trying to test a werewolf, do it under the radar and without letting the supposed werewolf know you are testing him or her. You do not want to alarm them and cause them to disappear. Also, never try to harm a werewolf when you are testing them, you do not want them to know what you are doing.

If you are looking for the werewolf quiz about the shapeshifter you should check that out too.



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513 Responses

  1. Arcanthrine says:

    Im back

  2. Arcanthrine says:

    werewolves dont exist

  3. Starr Jay says:

    Well I’m a full blooded lyncan (werewolf) and I believe tht the quizes are for people who wanna say they r a werewolf and they believe they r one but actually they’ve not sry people in truly sry but its not a gift its a curse and its not fun. Trust me its not

  4. nicolas says:

    Wait if you know so much can we tell if your a werewolf or not?hmm @Starr Jay:

  5. deadeclipse135 says:

    but how can you tell if you are one i no its a stupid question but i have been wondering if i am one for the longest time now, it started when i had a dream about being bitten by one but i also had a dream where a vampire got me to
    but ever since then i have noticed changes like my height i love to chase squirrels and i love to be in the woods i can see better at night i can find my way through unknown territory i growl at my sister when she ticks me off i can be very easy to anger and i shake and twitch when im very angry my eyes are always dilated they have been this way since birth…i don’t remember a lot of my past i love the moon and i love to howl
    can someone please tell me whats wrong with me?

    • white_wolf911 says:

      I believe sometimes dreams tell you something. don’t jump into werewolf-might-a-be. you could a therian witch is… on all levels your a — wolf or coyote in your example. but cant shape-shift. you can phantom shift, sense shift and even mental shift. but do your research.

  6. Alexis wolf says:

    How do yall know that werewolves aren’t real?

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