Werewolf Test

If you are interested in werewolves, then without a doubt there are 2 main tests that you are probably looking for:

1. A test to tell if you are a werewolf.

2. A test to tell if someone you know is a werewolf.

I’m compiling information to get a comprehensive test on each of these situations…because let’s face it, werewolves are more than 50% of the time in human form, so it can be very difficult to tell if you live next door to one, or if you know one.  But there are some tell-tale signs…for example 1. how they smell  2. the reaction of the pupil to mooonlight, and 3.  their temper (most werewolves in human form have a very cool calm temper with an underlying attitude of strength and edginess).  I will describe more of the tests that can be done in a later post, I am still compiling the information.

Just one quick word – when you are trying to test a werewolf, do it under the radar and without letting the supposed werewolf know you are testing him or her. You do not want to alarm them and cause them to disappear. Also, never try to harm a werewolf when you are testing them, you do not want them to know what you are doing.

If you are looking for the werewolf quiz about the shapeshifter you should check that out too.



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513 Responses

  1. ILiekPizza says:

    @Anya Wolf: YES!! I’m not the only one who knows this!!

  2. LIGHTNING878 says:

    course your not the only one that knows that!

  3. justin cundiff says:

    u people need an alpha

  4. miah says:

    hi… Werwolfs do exist.They do don’t show up in real pictures because they saceride creaters.People put up fake videos and picture of them self in a monky suit because they just want atechon. They are mean people. Im here becacuse to tell you to leave them alone because if you don’t you may get killed or hurt bad.the seconde time you meet with your werewolf you may not have good day.

    Im just saying leave them alone…

    PS:I not saying this just to get on your nervse. Just saying.:)

  5. shadowwolf21 says:

    stupid hunters tried to shoot me.

  6. concierned person says:

    how do you know this is true. i mean i can tell when somthin is up with people, but this seems true but i cant belive it till i see it for myself

  7. werewolfchic says:

    how do u play the game???

  8. lonewolfforever147 says:

    ill help u shadow wolf21 any time just go to my yahoo and let me know

  9. lonewolfforever147 says:

    i am and no one beleives me ive tried to make myself known to the world but people think im crazy i was born this way

  10. lonewolfforever147 says:

    i am a half werewolf, and half vampir hit up my email if u r one

  11. lonewolfforever147 says:

    well today is the first day i have had any human blood from the source

  12. Ultrawere says:

    No, you would be actually make you a teen wolf. I think, I’m 12 about to be 13. Good question. 🙂

  13. i think im part warewolve.

    because last full moon i was acting a little strange.

  14. kayla says:

    it was the last full moon i hit my boyfriend in the face and you could see were my claws wit in his face now he is a werewolf and i am to

  15. Im 18 and I know Im a werewolf. Cuz each and every night I fall asleep I feel like Im awake and about through the night. The next morning Im tired as hell, Dont feel like going to skool. Every full moon I cant get no sleep. I want to stay awake for those remaining days of the full moon. I either act angry of hyper. My hearing and smelling are awsome. noone can sneak up on me becuz of that.

  16. Ulvepigen says:

    jeg er 14, ville det gøre mig til en eenager varulv eller hvad???

    og er der nogle af jer som der kender nogle hjemmesider hvor man kan være en varulv?

    og er der nogle symptoner på at man er en varulv, såsom:
    hurtigt voksende negle, at man hyler/knurre/gør hvis man føler sig truet eller andet. og at man hyler mod månen?

  17. wolfgirl says:

    im 10 n i want be a wolf i will be happy if i got bit 🙂

  18. im 10 n im want be a wolf i’ll be happy i got bite i thought u guys might u guys bite me write me back see you can 🙂

  19. Wolfboy96 says:

    @Wolf-girl10: hi, i can turn you, where do you live?

  20. william says:

    @Wolfboy96: dude seriously-_- don’t! She’s too young to handle all the pressure! Plus she probably thinks being a werewolf is like those twilight movies

  21. david says:

    hey turn me into a were wolf i live in cour’d alene idaho contact me [email protected] please i want to be one soo bad i’ll do anything and take any risks i’m 16 now and im positive i want to be one please help me

  22. david says:

    david.j316 ok i know thoes stupid twilight movies and most of hollywood stuff is fake so dont worry i’ve read the myths i’ve looked it over countless times and i know this is what i want give me any test and i’ll prove it to you guys please and thank you

  23. youngwolf88 says:

    If u really are a were wolf u can prove it some how. Dont ask me how.

  24. Arcanthrine says:

    HEY GUYS! I am here!

  25. veronica says:

    youngwolf88: how do u know ?

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