Werewolf Test

If you are interested in werewolves, then without a doubt there are 2 main tests that you are probably looking for:

1. A test to tell if you are a werewolf.

2. A test to tell if someone you know is a werewolf.

I’m compiling information to get a comprehensive test on each of these situations…because let’s face it, werewolves are more than 50% of the time in human form, so it can be very difficult to tell if you live next door to one, or if you know one.  But there are some tell-tale signs…for example 1. how they smell  2. the reaction of the pupil to mooonlight, and 3.  their temper (most werewolves in human form have a very cool calm temper with an underlying attitude of strength and edginess).  I will describe more of the tests that can be done in a later post, I am still compiling the information.

Just one quick word – when you are trying to test a werewolf, do it under the radar and without letting the supposed werewolf know you are testing him or her. You do not want to alarm them and cause them to disappear. Also, never try to harm a werewolf when you are testing them, you do not want them to know what you are doing.

If you are looking for the werewolf quiz about the shapeshifter you should check that out too.



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513 Responses

  1. llyon says:

    no only one werewolf and one vampire

  2. Alice says:

    You act as if you suspected much less.

  3. pklett92 says:

    I love that their is actualy a thriving culture that humans dont know about props on hiding yourselves so well or Im just being gullible and you guys arnt what your sayin.

  4. Alice says:

    oh Im so thirsty I’m dorry llyon i cant bear it

  5. pklett92 says:

    yeah I know

  6. Alice says:

    If we are fakes why can we answer all of your questions.

    Why do you adress us as such?

    Why do I speak with a weird accent???

  7. Alice says:

    lol srry that last one none of you would get

  8. pklett92 says:

    do you tap people or just drain them? sorry thats uncalled for, but you know we are curious. I want to know what your thoughts are on the whole twilight saga?

  9. llyon says:

    couse you are……(why can’t you eat alice)

    any questions about werewolves i can answer but vampiers i don’t know much

  10. pklett92 says:

    or you can go tap an innocent if your not in the mood to explain, that is so strange.

  11. Alice says:

    No its this little thing called a doner.

    We may be monsters, yet that doesn’t mean that we shall behave as such.

  12. llyon says:

    i hate twillight waste of time…. a vampire reproduces(wtf), werewolves are sexy all the time. people read the books and then think they know everything about werewolves and vamps

  13. pklett92 says:

    well I think I got the jist on werewolves man…they change into a real wolf rather than half man half beast. they have the same habits and signals during change as a normal wolf pack has, and they dont just feed on human flesh…
    am I right or am I right?

  14. pklett92 says:

    right sweet this isnt the middle ages

  15. Alice says:

    I don’t get it! Twilight comes out and people still aren’t interested in Vampires! We are better…in my eyes…

  16. pklett92 says:

    nice to meet you Alice i hope you don’t feel bias towards me for being curious and confused

  17. pklett92 says:

    I believe in you too llyon

  18. pklett92 says:

    we should hang sometime individuality remember 😉 think about it

  19. Alice says:


    seriously! group hunting! stupidest thing ever!

  20. Alice says:

    *sticks tongue out*

  21. pklett92 says:

    stop complaining seriously what are you like five? Take what life gives you.

  22. llyon says:

    werewolves do not always change into wolves, i was born a lycan and i don’t change into a wolf i change into part wolf part human.

    and alice i would like to point out that there is more vampire movies than werewolves.

  23. pklett92 says:

    hunting in packs is cool

  24. Alice says:

    How bout i stuck it up

    *licks lips*

  25. llyon says:

    oh fly off you buzzard(lol). at least we try to feed everyone not our selves

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