Werewolf Test

If you are interested in werewolves, then without a doubt there are 2 main tests that you are probably looking for:

1. A test to tell if you are a werewolf.

2. A test to tell if someone you know is a werewolf.

I’m compiling information to get a comprehensive test on each of these situations…because let’s face it, werewolves are more than 50% of the time in human form, so it can be very difficult to tell if you live next door to one, or if you know one.  But there are some tell-tale signs…for example 1. how they smell  2. the reaction of the pupil to mooonlight, and 3.  their temper (most werewolves in human form have a very cool calm temper with an underlying attitude of strength and edginess).  I will describe more of the tests that can be done in a later post, I am still compiling the information.

Just one quick word – when you are trying to test a werewolf, do it under the radar and without letting the supposed werewolf know you are testing him or her. You do not want to alarm them and cause them to disappear. Also, never try to harm a werewolf when you are testing them, you do not want them to know what you are doing.

If you are looking for the werewolf quiz about the shapeshifter you should check that out too.



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513 Responses

  1. pklett92 says:

    see wtf your thirst has gone away thats what laughing does…it curse thirst and canser

  2. Alice says:

    Stop teasing me you bully!


  3. Alice says:

    Are you kidding me?! its worse than ever but whats the point complaining does nothing.

  4. pklett92 says:

    dammit Ill never be a stand up comedian(not that i want too)

  5. llyon says:

    now this is why people here hate humans

  6. Alice says:

    okay then…

  7. pklett92 says:

    just say brb and go to your refrigerator like I said this isnt the fifteenth century go grab a donor and sip it while we chat or somthing

  8. Alice says:

    A donor is a live person!
    I”M NOT SOME ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. llyon says:

    humans only see what they can explain, so we are myths and legends(but ever myth and legend has a graion of truth)

  10. pklett92 says:

    hay come on I dont hate you guys

  11. pklett92 says:

    did I ever say I didnt believe in you guys…I just told that female to grab a donor from the fridge I mean come on man

  12. pklett92 says:

    Im totally into this

  13. llyon says:

    i never said you do. just you find us hard to belive. its like its hhard wired into you brains that we do not exist

  14. Alice says:

    Do I have no morals?
    No control?
    Can I not feel?

    Then why the disrespect?

  15. Alice says:

    Grab it from the fridge.

    It is the human that assumes that shall be assumed as nothing.
    But the human who wonders who is left to wander.

  16. pklett92 says:

    I’m not disrespecting I’m talking to you like a friend like an equal…This is the way I would speak if I was addressing my friends from school…I accept and like you guys just as i would my other friends and dont you doubt it

  17. Alice says:

    No, it’s not the same. Maybe to a werewolf it’s similar, but to me its simply playing with my food. Childish and stupid.

  18. pklett92 says:

    good people each one of you and Im sorry if i have offneded you or mabe you are offended because I think I can treat you as equal to myself, and that is an insult to me.

  19. pklett92 says:

    playing with food thats a little nuty… thats what donors are for so you can live with humans and not think of them as food

  20. llyon says:

    saying you respect us, is not the same as respecting. we should be feared and honoured but we choose not to be.

    you speak of respect as if its a word that is just thrown around. if you knew you would do more then respect us

  21. Alice says:

    It does insult me. You are not equal to me. Not by your species, but by wisdom. You are still a human and haven’t had first ahnd experience you have a long way to go.

  22. pklett92 says:

    mabe your a troubled teen age vampire what do your parents think of that

  23. Alice says:

    Maybe I have not shown you respect. Have I not tried to keep my cool? Have I not tried to reason? I don’t agree or like your point of view over werewolves and vampires though, but have i told you that you are stupid for thinking so? My opinion is, how can you love something that’s dead? Because it can make you dead too?

  24. Alice says:

    Look, you don’t know me and you don’t understand anything here. Do not question me or my history trust me it’s not worth learning about.

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